Video: Kanye Kicks Out Fan For Throwing Business Card On Stage

Andrew Barber 13

Kanye don’t play. This has been well documented over the years, but Ye took further cemented it last night during a Watch The Throne stop in Tacoma, Washington. An over zealous fan by the name of Drew, took it upon himself to toss his business card at Kanye on stage. Obviously Ye wasn’t having it and had Drew and his crew ejected from the stadium. Talk about taking a big L in the pricey seats. Did he really think Kanye was going to pocket his card and invite him to dinner? Treated.

I have to admit, I’m glad I’m not that Drew. Ha!


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  1. V

    Kanye takes things too far. We r all supposed to love him for being an asshole. Smh. So unfair that all the guy’s friends were thrown out! I would be in shock.

  2. Frank Adam

    Kanye, you pretentious, corny, ego-maniacal goon, you’re really going to hate on some fool who tosses a business card on stage? How many millions do you have for being vaguely talented? Are you aware that there are thousands of jazz and classical musicians who can play your lame ass into the ground, but can’t get a deal because our society values flash over substance? You should wake up every morning, dust the coke off your nuts and thank god you were blessed with a career based on pointless blathering. I mean you have some hits, and Be was a good album, but come on dude, don;t hate on a fool for hustling. Some people toss biz cards at people to get famous, and some people sit on Jay-Z’s lap. You chose the later. Different strokes for different folks.

  3. Chicago-2011

    I like Kanye, but that was some bitch shit. Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something? He lost some points with me, for that shit..He can’t be serious.

  4. LOVE

    Those pillars do go 20 ft in the air. Slipping on something like a business card could cause serious problems. I wouldn’t have went as far as throwing the guys out but I can see where he’s coming from.

  5. man that business card must have been covered in butter, oil, and a whole lot of other slippery substances for Kanye to slip on..pfffft come on bro its a piece of paper u have to be retarded to slip on it

  6. Adía

    Kanye should have read the actual business card to call that guy out. Who knows if it was actually them who threw it? And if he saw the people that threw it and he saw the business card he wouldn’t’ve stepped on it. Plus Kanye is just walking, not dancing like Lady Gaga or Beyonce and way more stuff gets thrown on their stages

  7. Anderson

    What kanye did was completely within his right. He and Jay are the reason people paid all that money and when you go to the concert you expect professionalism right? So if people toss shit at him why the fuck should he put up with it? It is, after all, HIS show and HE’s ultimately the one in charge. So if he wants you gone cuz you tried to pull a fast one then you can go ahead and pack your shit up and leave,

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