Common vs. Drake-Inspired “You Canada Dry” Shirt Hits The Web

Andrew Barber

In the spirit of a good old fashioned hip-hop battle, Chicago-based designer Custom De Vasquez, unleashes his “You Canada Dry” t-shirt, inspired by Com’s ether towards Drake on the “Stay Schemin (Remix).”

The price of the shirt ranges from $15-$25 depending on size, and is available in all size runs.

To order you an hit up Custom at:, or check out his Facebook page here.


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  • supporter

    Chicago’s newest and best lyricist

  • selorm denu

    Wow…Really, yo I’m not even mad at dude, make your bread b!

  • Razbi

    LMAOOO! I can’t hate that hustle tho

  • lizee

    i need this in my life. lmfao

  • Universoul
  • D.Scott

    Ha, that was quick

  • uncommondenom

    common says jump.. dickriders in chicago say how high.. dissing drake is like beating on a woman.. & yall are so proud of him.. gtfoh

    • Coolie

      and so drake is like a battered woman now? lol He’s about to catch a body like THAT! He said he can’t wait to run into folks with his crew, member? He’s a real tough guy who sends goons on tattoo artists after he threatens to them!! Be afraid. Be very afraid, yo.

    • doublz

      Beating on a woman!!!!! How did you come up with that analogy? Why you so sensitive? You sound like Drake’s one and only dickrider saying that corny s*$t!!!!!

    • ClappinPunx

      Man I’m from Shreveport and I like it only because it’s exposin’ Drake as a product of the machine. I’m not into regionalism, I just don’t like so-so MCs who think they alladat. You the one that’s comparing Drake to a girl. You think he’d be proud of that?

  • Coolie

    @uncommondenom you sound like the drake dickrider tbh. you are clearly taking this to heart. perhaps you need a sip of Canada dry to help mellow things?

    I’ll probably have to cop one of these and help a hung entrepreneur


    check out hardknock of b.o.p ent one of tha hottest underrated artist in tha chi trust issues freestyle FAKE SHORE DRIVE HE DESERVE IT REAL MUSIC

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