Drake Will Not Respond To Common

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Last week, in the early morning hours of Sunday morning, I tweeted about a run-in I’d had with Drake at the T-Mobile/Google Music party at TAO at the Sundance Music Festival. I asked Drake when he was going to respond to Common and he simply replied “Never;” he also said some other things, but we’ll just let that be.

In an interview with Nation over at NahRight, he asked track about his plans to respond and this is what Drizzy had to say:

So people want to know: will you respond to Common?
No. Because despite how it’s been worded by him that situation is not a “hip hop moment” or a “battle for the sake of musical integrity”…it’s a ploy for attention around the release of an album. More than anything it was just disappointing cause what kid isn’t a fan of what Common has done for our genre. A guy who made such an incredible career for himself based off expressing genuine feelings about life and love is now targeting me for sharing my story.


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  1. ChiefJ4

    Awwww, someone’s playing the victim role, LOL. The real funny part is that Drake is somehow convinced that this was a ploy to sell records. Honestly no one at Cash Money is prepared for a hip hop battle that involves lyrics, and does not involve cars, money, and name brand shit… including Wayne, yea, i said it. You get challenged to rap and you play the victim role? Sweet Ass…

    West Side

  2. Mike

    WEAK. How you gonna ask for a direct reply and then when you get one, pack it in and call it a day? lmfaooo! FOH!

    Why he jump on that “Stay Scheming” if he didn’t want none? And then he apologizes to Vanessa Bryant too! So, on other words, his entire verse was null and void! SMH

  3. So we can write a few lines about a mans ex who’s not a rap artist, but we can’t entertain the world with a great response song. Where’s the love for Hip Hop.

    • Mike

      But he DID reply already, that’s why he takes the L! He should’ve never caught feelings over “Sweet” and ran his mouth if he wasn’t built to battle.

  4. rocktownlord

    this has to be the gayest “beef” in hip hop history.. & the people trying to hype this up are just like lil hs girls ..

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