Who Is Chief Keef?

Andrew Barber

Earlier today, a hilarious albeit random video hit WSHH, featuring an adolescent boy going absolutely bonkers for a relatively unknown rapper by the name of Chief Keef. The little dude was overcome with joy after learning that his favorite rapper, Chief Keef, had been released from the joint. Like more excited than I’ve seen anyone in a long time. Even an eight year old on Christmas.

But while Keef might be unknown to  you, and a majority of the FSD audience, he’s been buzzing on the streets of Chicago for quite sometime, and today his popularity finally went viral. Within minutes of WSHH posting the video, I began to receive Tweets and emails inquiring about who the young MC was. Well, it turns out Keef was just released from prison, and is currently under house arrest. He has thousands of views on YouTube, and is to break ground on a higher profile project, with a higher profile crew once he’s off papers.

So until he’s able to shake the anklet, I figured I’d post his most recent opus, Bang, which dropped in back  October. Oh, and the hilarious video as well. Download the project and see if you get the same feeling.

Chief Keef – Bang

1. Fuck Nigga
2. Setz Up
3. Itz Crackin
4. Know About Me
5. Just In Case
6. Fredo Checks In
7. Bang
8. Smash
9. DJ Hustlenomics Speaks
10. 12 Bars
11. What I Claim
12. Charlie Sheen (Freestyle)
13. I Ain’t Rockin’ Wit You
14. Get It Jumping
15. In This Bitch
16. Glory Boyz


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  • FakeShore Supporter

    Really….it’s called acting.

  • ChiCityColdCity

    Drew, please take this shit down….

    • elementzemcee

      What ^^^ said.

  • lmitts24@gmail.com

    music from Chief Keef over at http://youtu.be/XtGzLQh_y8k?hd=1

  • kris

    The F**K is wron g with that boy (*_*)

  • Twitter.com/djallstyle

    Drew!!! You really should take this down. Bad way to start the year off!! #realtalk

  • tYRONw




    • UmNo!

      pffffffffffffttttttt lmfao

  • Raydio of Hotstylz

    Hotstylz fuks wit Chief Keef? Why??? Because this young nigga said so!!! Good shit lol

  • eastside 9-0

    dis nigga weak is fuck #weakniggadotcom

  • Real Chi Nigga

    WTF!!!! This shit is crazy. I think these young niggas are so fucking stupid. How is this shit hot!!! There are so many rappers who sound 10000000000000% better than this nigga. And to think that some of these labels want to give this nigga a deal. What has music come to.

  • Real Chi Nigga

    This is the reign of the WEAK NIGGA TAKEOVER!!!!! Real music dying fast and I hate it. Any nigga who say that this is hot really has no idea of hot is. It’s a sad for Chicago!!!!!! I just want to kill all wack niggas!!!!!!!!!!

  • msjustbecause

    Where is this young man’s mother? Please we already have enough stereotypes, take this down.

  • Folks N Dem

    First off last stop hating on Chicago rappers and hold the ones we got down!!!! atleast if these niggas get on they want 4get the city like Kanye did!! Look at every other sity they hold they artist down no matter wat and thats why Atlanta or New York got so many artist!! All we do well “YAWL” do is hate rather up lift our people come on lets 1 luv this and hold our own down rather be going crazy 4 2chains or Jeezy or somebody lets look out 4 our own no matter wat they movement is I’m home team CHICAGO NATION lets go!!!!!!!

  • diddoelive

    Mfs hatin on em but he doin his thang he doin wat he love n yall should support him at least he doin sum positive fukk ya. Dis our year Chicago

  • Tone aka Wise

    I’m a spitter from the city yall gone hear from me I can’t hate on shortie he doin his thang the beat be knockin and the hook are catchy that 3 hunna shit sound like somethin flock would of did and it go hard it maka u wanta start a fight any thing from the city I’m fuckin wit if they can do it why can’t we

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