Crucial Conflict – Sidewayz x They Don’t

Andrew Barber 6

Holy smokes — this came out of nowhere. Rumors hit in September that Crucial Conflict was back in the lab working on the sequel to their 1996 classic, The Final Tic.

Well, it looks like The Final Tic 2012 is the real deals, as tonight they’ve liberated the first single: “Sidewayz.” The whole gang is here.

Shouts to Q-Ball.

Crucial Conflict – SIDEWAYZ _

Update: Another joint has sprung a leak. Hit the jump for “They Don’t.”

Crucial Conflict – THEY DONT _

Crucial Conflict – Sidewayz

Crucial Conflict – They Don’t


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  1. lillittle

    i’m guessing this is wildstyle posting. i am not sure about that statement you made but regardless, these songs were okay but nothing, at least to me to be excited about. regardless, good luck with the project. i hope you’re mature enough to take this criticism of your music.

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