Artwork: Chief Keef x Kanye West x Pusha T x Jadakiss x Big Sean – I Don’t Like (Remix)

Andrew Barber

The G.O.O.D. Music remix of Keef’s “I Don’t Like” will be dropping anytime. Keep an open eye. A new Keef verse will be included as well. Produced by Young Chop.


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  • hadesbaby


    Root for the kid…

  • LOL

    I DON’T LIKE… andrew barber’s faggot ass along with this crusty turd named Chief Queef a.k.a andrew’s cock buddy

  • Me

    Mouth Drops To The Floor

  • 300

    I lost all respect for kANYE FORTHIS SHIT….

  • Sad

    Mikkey works with NO ID….and this happens. Smh Mr West….

  • DGreenberg

    THIS IS HUGE!!! Maybe you guys can just stop hating and support your city? Whatcha think?

  • Gotti

    In All Fairness, Lil Reese Needs A New Verse On This Remix 4Real.

  • CallMeHussl

    Love my city to death! Yall always hatin on Ye but at least he reach!!!! What I don’t like is niggas that don’t have shit good to say about ppl in they own town. Go head and let the whole world know how you really feel….

  • Curious


  • DKC

    Kanye West forever giving back to the city. Shout out to West 67th. Marquette Crazzi.

  • swerve

    Chief Keef is the best artist EVER from the CHI!!! Why wouldnt Kanye fuck with him?!?! All you other bums been on this site for years and aint none of yall bust a grape…none of yall…#300

  • EmDee

    Proud Of Keef Keep Doing U Dont Listen To The Blog Chatter U Winning My Nigga

  • solo dolo polo

    I C U Keef!!! C’s Up Fuk A Hater Keep Grindin Boi #

  • Soup

    niggas mad. bwhahahahahahah! #sosa

  • chicago2012

    To be totally honest, I don’t really see anything good/original about Chiet keef music (just like 90% of the artist in the music industry), but that’s just me . I’m still happy for the dude, though. It’s always a chance to improve. Keep doing your thing, Cheif keef!

    Thanks to Kanye for reachin’ out to the dude, but, the thing is, would he reach out to someone in Chicago that actually has better skills than him, as well????? I hope sure hope so.

    • tredee

      Exactly!!! Fuck Kanye for this. It’s way better rappers in this city than Chief Keef and he co-sign this bullshit? Our city is a joke because we sounding like everybody else right now but good luck to Chief Keef though.

  • Yoooo

    Get yo name up Get yo money right
    Get in tune CHICAGO shining bright

  • ChiCityColdCity

    Fuck that!!!! This is huge!!!! I’m on the Chief Keef bandwagon, fuck it!!! His latest music is decent, and HE has the attention of EVERYBODY in the INDUSTRY, that is somebody. So why not???

  • ChiRaq, Driilinois

    First off, shout to the whole city man, everybody thats down with the MOVEMENT and everybody thats representing the city right: I sallute yall. Chief Keff is a smart lil nigga though, this guy created a catchy yet power rap name, that alone shows that he has natual marketing skills. Chief Keff keep doing your thing bro.

  • maaannnn

    um….. what? i mean… reallly? GOOD music? not anymo’. bogus. good look tho for this kid.but… wow.

  • que sera sera

    lmao!!! These headass lames mad azz hell …KEEF ABOUT TO TAKE OFF ON YOU NIGGAS!! #TREATEDCULT

  • CME NorthBound @ChicaGorilla312

    This Is HUGE. Congrats To Keef & The GBE Team. Bang Bang

  • Jay Jilla

    Niggaz need to get up of that fucking Hating Shit can Congratulate Keef… Then niggaz got the nerve to say fuck Yeezy for putting on the the City… My City is Full of Hatting ass Niggaz… S/O 2 the Haters S/O 2 Yeezy S/O 2 Sosa and GBE Good Look for the City

  • @ZiggyATF

    Check Out Pablo Da Great New Mixtape
    Fast Money Entertainment

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