L.E.P. Bogus Boys Talk Chicago Police Department’s H.O.B. Ban

Andrew Barber

Late yesterday, the L.E.P. Bogus Boys were notified via email that due to the violent nature of their lyrics, they were banned from performing at Chicago’s House of Blues, as part of the ASAP Rocky/BEEN TRILL concert on May 3rd. This ban coming from the Chicago Police Department.

The CPD concluded that the Bogus Boys music was, in fact, too violent and threatened to shut down the entire concert if they take the stage. However, the Bogus Boys have no history of violence at any of their shows, and are advocates of always coming and going peacefully.

This morning, L.E.P. and the Infared Music Camp invaded WGC’s ‘Tony Sculfield & The Morning Riot’  to explain what happened, and shed light on the issue. It looks like the hip-hop cops are now in Chicago.


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    Smh. Constitutional rights ain’t the same for gangstas…


    Smh. I guess constitutional rights ain’t the same for gangstas…

  • Lee Majorz

    So these lazy low life oink oink ass bitches would rather ban Artist that bring money and jobs o the city instead of goin out and doin there fukking job and catchin theufukkas that are killin every weekend. In that case they should be banned from speaking at schools and coming around me or my kids for the violent over the top nature of thier jobs and the overly aggresive unneeded tactics they use. I swear cops are like the kids who talk shit from the window but wont come outside alone.

  • TRU

    I do not see what the big issue is here. The chicago police department have more than enough reason to shut down concerts like the L.E.P. Bogus Boys and Chief Keef. You try and defend them by saying “the Bogus Boys have no history of violence at any of their shows, and are advocates of always coming and going peacefully,” but practically every song they have ever released describes their vast “history of violence.” You completely forget to mention the content of their music and what they promote. Groups like LEP, Chief Keef, etc may not be killing and robbing on stage, however they are influencing people to do so and promoting violence. In other words, they are playing the Devil’s advocate and just because they are not technically committing any crimes does not mean that their music will not insight criminal activity. Our youths need postive role models, something positive for the youth to look up to. The radio and blogs like FakeShoreDrive are fueling this music which in turn is heavily influencing the young people of Chicago and we wonder why there is so much violence in our great city? If media sources plugged more positve music I can gurantee you it would help reduce crime rates. You have the power to decide what is and what is not “cool” think about it..

    • elementzemcee

      No. While I do agree that in commercial media there isn’t a true balance of hip hop music, I’m not going to agree with you when you say that they are influencing people to promote violence. Have you ever listened to Bob Dylan? Johnny Cash? Heck, ever seen a Heavy Metal concert lately? And what about A$AP Rocky? He doesn’t say anything that is considered under the same terms? Neither promotes violence in such a manner as much as these crooked cops and politicians do. I just disagree with this because I went to a Drake concert back in 09 and a fight broke out then and there was a shooting outside of the venue. And this is a DRAKE concert! Nuff said!

    • elementzemcee

      No. While I do agree that in commercial media there isn’t a true balance of hip hop music, I’m not going to agree with you when you say that they are influencing people to promote violence. Have you ever listened to Bob Dylan? Johnny Cash? Heck, ever seen a Heavy Metal concert lately? And what about A$AP Rocky? He doesn’t say anything that is considered under the same terms? Neither promotes violence in such a manner as much as these crooked cops and politicians do. I just disagree with this because I went to a Drake concert back in 09 and a fight broke out then and there was a shooting outside of the venue. And this is a DRAKE concert! Nuff said!

    • JR

      I TOTALLY agree with you Tru and I am surprised that WGCI supports this type of music. Our youth definitely need positive role models and nothing about the L.E.P. Bogus Boys music is positive. This type of site and this type of music is what is keeping our youth down and without jobs because it is glorifying and promoting illegal, negative activities, which in turn is influencing our youth to do the same because they think it is OK if they hear it on the radio or see on TV and in videos. I am just shocked and appalled that the radio station and its employees support and promote this type of music. This has definitely changed my view about that radio station

      I APPLAUD CPD for taking a stand and for trying to stop this type of activity.

      • Lenny Hooks

        WGCI is supporting rights of recording artists not the actual content of the music. The moment we hand over our constitutional rights, is the moment we all lose. This is bigger than violent lyrics in rap music (which is not new, btw), it’s about violating free speech. While I can’t condone every lyrics LEP or any other rapper uses, it’s their right to say it & perform it as long is they’re intention isn’t a riot or over throw of the government. They are telling young men that they can’t give realistic commentary or their environment & make financial gain from it. If the CPD said “you can’t perform this song, or say these words” it would be different. To say they can’t perform at all is a direct violation of the 1st amendment. Whether you support their music or not, you should support the right to not be banned from working. Take your personal feelings out of this & look at it for what it really is; a group of black men being told by master to go back to the field. Don’t be a House “Of Blues” Nigga!!!

      • Shawn Don

        I agree there is alot of violence in hip hop, but this violence spoke of in hip hop is only a reflection of what is happening in today’s society… To improve what is happening in society, there must be action taken to improve the situations in society as a whole. First, proper parenting and a strong family/ community structure are needed. second, the blame should not be on artists who speak on the things in society but more emphasis placed on the situations is society that cause the violence….

  • EffenGorgeous

    I have been to one of their concerts and it was the calmest low key crowd I have seen. Everybody was feeling the music and relaxed no one was fighting or anything. This is ridiculous! Why don’t they take their guns and badges more seriously and do their jobs & catch the real violent assholes on Chicago’s streets. I’m ashamed of my city right now. SMH.

  • Stabilitty

    Tru you a true goofy!! the reason violence is so prevalent in the Hood is because ain’t no jobs goofy no hip hop!!! You sound like a stupid ass fool! Stop listening to what whiite people tell you goofy!

  • Stabilitty

    Tru you a true goofy!! the reason violence is so prevalent in the Hood is because ain’t no jobs goofy no hip hop!!! You sound like a stupid fool! Stop listening to what whiite people tell you goofy!

  • Stabilitty

    Tru you a true goofy!! the reason violence is so prevalent in the Hood is because ain’t no jobs goofy no hip hop!!! You sound like a stupid fool! Stop listening to what whiite people tell you!

  • lisa



    Are you serious? cpd please tell me you have something better to do than hate on lep. Even thoe they a gangsta group in there raps vie neva heard them say go get ya gun and kill somebody. Very disappointed at the way there handling this. LEP YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT

  • Cayex Illah


  • letitflow2us

    I know fo sho that CPD got something els to do than to be shutting down L.E.P.

  • PrivateParty88

    LEP has been making music for years and doing shows for years in the city as well. I don’t understand why all of a sudden there is an issue with them performing at the HOB. I’ve been to a few of their shows and there has never been a case of violence. None of this would have came about if the whole GBE movement wasn’t on the internet (underage) with guns and liquor and weed in all of their videos. CPD should know that LEP is a more of a muture, cool and laid back duo that has no past history of their shows resulting in violence. the pigs need to chill man! let them do them!!!!!! they’re not bothering anybody or causeing any trouble anywhere.

  • Overseas Activist

    I usually don’t have time to comment on fsd anymore seeing as though I’ve been away on business, but I just had to speak out. This is some major BULLSHIT. Somebody need to report this to the local news stations. What about all the white rock groups that promote drugs and violence, they don’t stop them from doing shows. Its a sad day when rap artists can’t perform in there own city. Smh
    Based upon CPD’s reasoning, then if LEP or Chief Keef can’t do shows, then these out of towners can’t do shows here either. That means, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Meek Mill, can’t perform here either because they promote drugs, violence or gangs. This shit is like Uncle Luke & the 2 Live Crew 2012, but instead of sex, they targeting gangsta music. What about Lalopalooza every year. Thats not all clean music. Some of those acts promote violence, drugs, sex, and even rape as we saw last year with Tyler the Creator and his people. Obviously there is an attack on hip hop and its time for the young people to stand up. I think LEP needs to file a lawsuit and its time to boycott some of these establishments. If we stop some of the owners from getting money, maybe they will join along in the fight with us. I hope that we actually take action though bc we as African Americans always complain but never do anything.
    Oan, let me point out that young brothers like LEP, Chief Keef & his people, & even King Louie are trying to make a way out of there past situations by doing something positive. Now they are being hindered from making that change thru music with BS like this. Now if these young brothers were to go back to their past lifestyles then they would be arrested or maybe even killed. So it seems to me that they are in a lose lose situation.
    And with all of the violence taking place in Chicago, I don’t understand how the cpd has time to focus on this. Maybe if they took more time focusing on the streets and putting more officers out there then all of this violence wouldn’t be taking place. I know I wrote a book but its time for this bullshit to stop happening to us blacks. Its all kind of rock, heavy metal, pop, & dance songs that promote drugs, sex, & violence but they aren’t targeting that.

    Andrew is right. The hip hop police are back in Chicago. Over the years, hip hop has grown into a powerful force & now they’re doing anything they can to stop it, but lets fight back young people. Fight back thru ur music & your actions.

    • Charles Barkley

      True shit!! Oh but they’ll let rick ross’ fat ass come to town with a full venue SMH . This, along with the chief keef situation, is like some NWA reincarnated shit!

    • illgobehaviorchitown


  • Lenny Hooks

    Dumbest thing CPD could’ve ever done, if their intention was to shut LEP down… They just made them into a household name & now ppl who never cared about their music will all seek it out to listen & support them against the “establishment”… I hope they use this platform as a tool to sky rocket their careers… I’ve always believed in them & this is exactly what they’ve needed to push them over the hump, OUR SUPPORT… E, Moonie, Count: Just let me know where to be, me & my ppl will support the protest 100%!!!


    Man thats some BS!!!

  • see no evil

    i say fuck the police !!….this is hip hop and it was built on goin against the grain .LEP should go there and show up deep perform any way get locked up and get a million dollar worth of press and publicity!!!!

    • see no evil

      and dont forget to film everything for footage for the next video

  • Al

    Music is just music and its freedom of speech the most american thing there is. No one shot anyone cuz of musi and if they did they are mentally ill Ppl kill others over money when they are poor and desperate hip hop provides a way for lep and others to not live the lives that they rap about which will exist regardless of whether or not these gentlemen perform at the house of blues

  • #LepCrazy

    The “House of Blues and Chicago Police Department” should be ashamed of themselves … they are a bunch of worthless pieces of sh!t! L.E.P bogus boys rap about everyday life here in the CHI! House of Blues and the Chicago Police Department played themselves! They must have thought L.E.P were the nice guys to pull this mess! They should be sued! Big up’s to L.E.P for exposing the “Chicago Police Department” in their song “Chicago Nigga’s” Is that the real reason CPD mad? Sounds suspect to me! If L.E.P music is so HORRIFIC and UNACCEPTABLE and btw all they rap about is life here in the CHI … It makes who look bad? Hmmm let me guess? The CPD! It’s been so much crime here ever since our last Mayor “Daley” sold our communities to the white folks. The white folks here love to keep blacks in poverty forever if they could! Now that our communities are gone and there are no jobs folks are Robbing, Stealing and Killing here which land them to our over crowed popular “Cook County Jail” now their fate is back in the white folks hand … Life in prison no parole! What the house of blues should have done was check L.E.P resume! I would have thought they did that after E clearly stated they performed their before! L.E.P don’t just create gangsta rap they have songs for the ladies as well like “Shawdy feat Jeremiah and Slow it down”. L.E.P stays giving back our communities that’s one of the things I admire about them boys! This behavior the House of Blues is displaying NOT only to L.E.P but to the world is a representation of Prejudicial Treatment. Thanks L.E.P bogus boys for exposing them all … When the grass is cut low all the snakes are revealed! This will not HINDER L.E.P career it will HELP their career blossom even more! May God help you all to overcome all obstacles in this EVIL world! Stay prayed up! If God is for you NO ONE can stand against you!

    • RT

      Now dats RT lep crazy. Sound personal to me to especially wit all da crime goin on here in our home town lep should be da least of da cpd worry. Hob and da cpd should be sued dey played dem boyz. Now chief keef music different story its wack wit no message but violence he should be banned to even speak out loud he has no talent.

  • BAN Trash music

    Thats what these niggaz get 4 being drug dealers. Always braggin bout what they got. How the fuck they getting all these cars and jewelry and dont none of they ass work. I applaud the police for taking a stand. They leading these kids down the wrong way. These niggaz be rapping bout the street life but not telling the whole story. What happen when you get locked up for life for selling drugs, robbing niggaz & gangbangin. These niggaz stupid & I hope the police crack down on all these no talent having ass rapper including Chief Keef. Keep banning this trash ass music

    • Lee majorz

      Shit yo hatin bitch ass up. U sound like a jealous head ass bitch that listen to digg simmons mixtapes on his way to chuck e cheese with no kids.

      • Will 74

        Lee Minor u need to get lep’s dick out yo mouf, Truth is truth.
        You get back what you put out. They promote violence n now
        the pigs crackin down. If u wanna be a thug accept what come
        along with da territory nigga.Yo bitch ass mad bc people dont
        like they music or content. Shut yo bitch ass up you yes man
        ass nigga. They not gon help yo dumb ass wit yo non rapping
        ass so shut da fuck up. I agree they music is horrible. 2
        no talent having old ass niggas. At least Keef only 16 he got
        time to improve. Lep use ghost writers. Niggas can’t even write
        a hook w/o ghost writers & thats a fact. Be4 u talk shit get yo facts
        straight fag

  • Mrs. Williams

    LEP Bogus Boys music is alright with me but the chief keef music is way to violent to retain. My teenagers don’t like his music they say he talk as if he has nothing to live for. This boy message in his music sound like he trying to recruit kids for the devil. They should ban chief keef music its nothing but pure evil. What that boy rapping about show he has no soul he even look evil. HOB should support LEP Bogus Boys they truly have talent.

  • Lee majorz

    Lol and what do u do? Support yo city and shut the fukk up. If u got such a problem with chicago rappers y the fuck. On the site fam? Sit down and keep bein jealous of niggas that yo kids gone wish u were.

    • Lee majorz

      I just wana take this time to say sorry to this blog and the readers for having lep dick in my mouth. U should not have to be exposed to my fagotry.My music is garbage and so is leps. But since e got a lot of money and he tries to pay moonie and count way to the top i was hoping i could ride they coat tails and get seen 2. Again im sorry. I will take my gayness back into the closet now

      • Lee majorz

        Smh nigga get in touch wit me one on one and dont hide behind a computer screen like most nerd bitches do. But i love when i question what u do and kill all puss ass facts u try to present u take this route. Its been done before and it wasnt funny them bbit nice try. Come back when u serve a purpose or offer somethin better than the people mentioned. And p.s. i bet u live in a nice house in a room up the hall from ur parents and are in ur 5th yr of junior college. Us who know what har life is like respect artist who talk what we kno and we relate. All the artist u relate to are on the disney network. Super sweet 16 ass nigga. Laguna beach thigs

      • 4 CORNA BB



      • Lee majorz

        Lol whoever u are fuck nigga dont act like u know me. Who i rat on? Who did i say im affiliated wit? Until u got some legs to stand them statements on bitch take yo all caps typin head ass the fuck on. I stand on my own never needed affiliation. I fukk wit the music and the struggle but ima real nigga so dont come tryna get some fukkin stripes on the internet or in person off me. Shit wont go as planned. But im done. I support chicago music, chicago artist because i am one also. If we aint together we aint shit. 20/3

    • Low End Chris

      Fuck Lee Majorz the hip hop snitch in the Chi. U are not a artist homie u a wannabe street nigga. U ain’t got no stripes & nobody fuckz with u no more. Go get some cheese u rat & stop kissing bogus boys ass cuz thats not gon help yo career. U may as well go get them junior college apps then keep flipping them burgers rat. U trash. U the same guy talk shit behind Moonie & Count back then dap them in person. “A fake nigga, thats dat shit we don’t like”!!!

      • Lee majorz

        I bet money the nigga who commented under my name, low end chris , and corona are the same nigga lol. Im not even on enuff to be a hip hop snitch lol. Nigga im takin care of my kids more than im out so to end all that bullshit see me when u see me and we can clear all that up. But the topic of this article is hip hop in chicago under attack. I dont kiss ass i show love, but yea yall have fun wit further comments. I find ur blog tough talk cute. I had time to kill.

  • JenniferW

    The reality of all this madness is no matter what’s said in rap music it does not influence our youth to commit violent crimes. Half of our youth commit violent crimes because they are on some kind of drugs. Violence is everywhere even in the movies our youth watch so the actors are responsible for our youth committing crimes … I think NOT! Kids are supposed to be taught by their parents at a very early age not to be followers of wrong doing and to never idolize people. The purpose of teaching our youth those important things are for when they become older they’ll be able to make good decisions no matter what they are surrounded by, see or hear. Let’s be real our youth and their parents are very close in age majority are under half their kids age which is sad! Parents these days don’t raise their kids so if our youth as some say are influenced by rap music it’s not the artist fault it the PARENTS fault. If our youth were raised properly they’ll know rap music, movies, books, etc. are fiction or nonfiction either one it’s the artist, actor, writer doing their job or telling their life story. In my opinion LEP BOGUS BOYS and CHIEF KEEF should turn up the heat on the HOB AND CPD! This world got its priorities fucked up GAYS are accepted but rap music is unacceptable! Our president even listen to rap music … LEP BOGUS BOYS and CHIEF KEEF should make a song exposing their ass to the WORLD!

  • David H

    LEP is the voice of Chicago. They expose the truth and the harsh reality of our people and folks, n its not speaking in gang terms. If nobody from chicago don’t rock with Count and Moonie, then U a goofy. Chicago til the world blow

  • dj1212

    Just another dumb conversation about nothing. Shit going to happen regardless. Can’t blame them for another mufuhkas actions. Boycott House of Blues for what they still gon get paper. And these niggaz cool but they aint really got no swagg so everything is kill kill kill drugs and what my patna doin. But hey they eatin so i dont hate on nobody food but they shit semi WACK tho!!! I try to listen but…….

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