Mixtape: Fatzmack – Definition of a Drill

Andrew Barber 2

It’s a real drill with Fatzmack’s new tape, which explains the definition of such. King Louie, YP, Katie Got Bandz, Boss Woo, Stash P and more show up to contribute. 15 new songs for your listening pleasure. Download below. Cardy on the artwork.

Fatzmack – Definition of a Drill

1.Definition Of Drill Intro
2.Drill City Intro
3.We All Win
4.Call Of Duty-Feat:King Louie
6.Letter to Myself
7.Cant Fu*k With-Feat:YP
8.Get It Cracking
9.My Lady Hitta-Feat:Katie Got Bandz
10.Boss Thats Working-Feat:Boss Woo
11.Smoke My Dope Up
12.I Wont Lose-Feat:LiL Vick
13.AutoMatic TakeOff-Feat:Stash P
14.Well Alright
15.HardWork PaysOff