Mush Millions – Bet I Do x 3Hunna (Remix)

| April 15, 2012 | 10 Comments

Two new joints from Mush Millie. The first being his bouncy new single “Bet I Do,” and the later being his remix to Keef’s hit “3 Hunna.” Hit the jump for those.

Bet i Do (Mush Millions) Radio

Mush Millions – Bet I Do

Mush Millions – 3Hunna (Remix)


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Comments (10)

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  1. TREATEDCREW says:

    That 3hunna remix is insane!!! Hell both of those joints nice, but that remix prolly better than the original

    • Glory Boy Meka says:

      He killed my lil bro keep shit , good job homie , and that other one is def ready for the radio #GBE

  2. momac says:


  3. BMS CLick says:

    This nigga be killing shit not only is he cold as hell on the beats but he a dog with the rap shit 2 and he really live this shit {{{{{ everything he talk about is real and he really did it or done it on my kids i know cus i was around it

  4. Project living says:

    damn i didn’t know dude had it like that his shit sound waaaaaayyyyyyy better than keep cheef shit


  5. Tash says:

    WEAK…lol naw I’m just playing this shit go so hard both of them , why this aint the nigga people following up behind ??? he better than a lot of these chicago artist !

  6. mushmillygirl says:

    More hits to come

  7. mushmillygirl says:

    More hits to come people really sleeping but not for long…

  8. No Nigga says:

    People arent sleeping on Mush Millions… he just decides on when he wants people to hear what he has. Its actually more like Mush is sleeping on the people.

  9. anthony says:

    mush my nigga be killin shit i c u in june my dude

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