13 Comments on "Video: Chief Keef x Riff Raff – Cuz My Gear"

  1. Waylowend

    Riff raff is corny af. Chief keef straight dickriding soulja… Did he steal those goggles from his closet??? Hahaha bang bang tho

  2. Waylowend

    ^^”how you gonna watch the video and hate”??? That’s what this site is for dumbass, watching new videos and leaving comments in the comment section. And are you honestly going to disagree that riff raff dude is not a corny ass yellowolf wannabe?

  3. Smh

    ^^^True but you supporting these n*ggas when you click on the sh*t… If you don’t like they music DON’T CLICK ON IT AND COMPLAIN! Goofy Mog!

  4. Waylowend

    SMH – getting an extra hit on fake shore drive is hardly supporting someone, I’m gonna keep watching videos, and if there are turkeys like riff raff on there I’m gonna speak my mind. For the record I fuc w chief keef but he loses cred for doing a feature w sodmg’s water boy.

    Rice – you’re right, riff raff is TX not Alabama. I just watched some of his shit on YouTube and he needs to be shot. Pop the trunk on his king tutt, malibu’s most wanted ass

  5. Man fuck riff raff. Im the realest whiteboi outta Chicago. Cheif Keef need to do a song with me check out my 1st video called The Baddest. Then add me on twitter at krispykreme4eva

  6. Waylowend

    Krispy Kreme that’s what’s fucking up! Big fan of your work player, keep grinding and put Chicago on the map!! “I have 400 houses”!!!!!

  7. outwestfresh

    this shit is garbage chief need to read book when did havin skill go out the door. talm bout he ain’t gotta use metaphors because he mastered it??? mastered ged rap

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