17 Comments on "Chief Keef f/ Young Jeezy – Understand Me"

  1. Pig Dick Jones

    Damnnn Skandrew, it seems like da comments are slowing down on everything you post on Keef. Even when he has a platinum artist like jeezy on his shit. The wave is fading vic, looks like you better catch da nxt one..

  2. wizzhza

    trash””!!!! @wizzhza” iv never made the same beat twice ever in my life””” i just dont get it??? no artistik integrity —-…

  3. Twitter.com/djallstyle

    Any new Chi artist couldn’t dream of having this many features on their records before 19 yrs old…. Hope he gets money!!! #LetsWork!!!!

  4. Muugga

    All Chief Keef Shit , Be Hitting . OMS … If You Ain’t From Chicago Then You Don’t Understand Me ! #SOSABABY

  5. CoachOfTheCity

    i fucks wit lil homie..get it in Keef…Thats whats wrong wit us in the Chi HATE for shit….Get the Snow Man,Waka,Kanye,Jada,pusha T,and a few others on yall shit then fuck wit him..until then get yall azz in the studio and come up wit something HOT….UNDERSTAND ME…

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