16 Comments on "Chief Keef – Russian Roulette"

  1. Damarcus

    Ya grandmammy aint on shit bitch. You know how we do wit yo lil punk asses, Stone general in this bitch.

    Chief Mo
    Chief of Western & Polk
    I run blocks and u get popped

    • juice

      LMAO….Western and Polk is Little Italy/ UIC area….nothing but Italian families, yuppies, college and Med School students live on that block and that area….their is absolutely no gang or drug activity in this area…their arent even cameras on this block….i lived between Polk and taylor on Oakley near Bocce’s…..so I know….it is safe as a suburb….dont believe me Google map it people…fake thugs are hilarious….shout out to Polk And Western Hotdogs some good eatin

  2. BDN

    Who gives a fuck about all that Stone shit…let Shawty enjoy this shit go and get you you some…I’m out BDN

  3. ChiMusic

    best keef verse by far…he needs a better engineer tho…adlibs be all on top of the words and shit ..cant wait to hear the final version

  4. We.Are.Chicago

    the lil nigga need to stop gang banging, that shit is just self destructive. smh at him dropping the 5. Stop that die 5, die 6, 300k. etc. and the rest of that bullshit. Man up and stand up for your community, do the right thing. Salute to Chief Keff, even though I dont agree with his name, I feel its blatantly disrespecting the real chiefs and kings of chicago. However, Chief Keff, you have a major responsibility, to influence the kids thats younger than you, to do the right thing. Africa Unite.

  5. SOundz

    @Griffen_FaceMob dude u sound lame as hell right now. u grown ass man. judging how tht man trying feed his family. a 17 yr. old at that….He has a lane an national buzz……and U? Mr. I can barely sell out the MLK center with a hip-hop legend….GTFOH

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