Treated Crew – Killa

| May 8, 2012 | 7 Comments

With a smooth sample in the background, Gzus Piece, Mano, Mic Terror and Lee Majorz link for the latest installment of Treated Tuesdays. This is too cold. Produced by Mano.

Hit the jump for a CDQ version of last week’s drop, “Do That”.

Treated Crew – Do That


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  1. mr x says:

    this that KILLLA

  2. Young Guy says:

    I fucks with the #treatedcrew branding. I think its dope. Took what Kanye and G.O.O.D. did with the good fridays and turned it into their own and adding the crowns.

    But lets keep it funky. These cats are so super weak on this music shit. And I try so hard to fuck with them on the music. But I dont get why people hold their dicks.

    • Lee majorz says:

      Appreciate all forms of love homie.

      • TREATEDCULT says:

        Really, the entire treated crew is weak GTFOH!! You might not personally like certain rappers, but never can say Treated as a whole is weak nigga!! TREATEDCULT TREATEDLIFE BITCH!!

    • mr x says:

      Young guy i dont care if thats an expression but you homo for that comment.

  3. Skinny Mac says:

    Dis du’ dumb as hell he about to get TREATED

    • howlup says:

      love how someone who purposely spells “This Dude” as “This Du” is calling someone else dumb ass hell. You dick riders get dumber by the minute

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