Chief Keef Gets GBE Imprint, Movie Deal & Beats By Keef Headphones

Andrew Barber 52

In an interview with MTV last night in Atlanta, Chief Keef announced he’d finally signed a deal with Interscope Records. He was rumored to have been in talks with both Cash Money and Young Jeezy’s CTE, but when the smoke cleared, it was Jimmy Iovine who came out victorious.

I spoke with the GBE crew and their management, Uncle Ro Mgmt, headed up by Dro, this morning to get some of the specifics of the deal. Although a dollar amount was not discussed, know that it was in the millions. Along with the solo deal, Keef was given his own label deal for his GBE imprint, which will be headed up by Keef, his manager Dro and his cousin Fredo Santana — likely making Chief Keef the youngest label owner in all of music.

Keef also agreed to a multi-movie film deal through Interscope’s motion picture division, so look for Keef’s story to hit the silver screen in the future. The first movie is already in the works, and I should have some additional details on that soon.

The icing on the cake, however, is Keef’s own line of Beats By Dre headphones, aptly titled “Beats By Keef.”

The deal with Interscope has been in the works over the past few months, but Keef officially inked last night. With these three properties now belonging to Keef, it appears a new mogul has been born. Congrats to GBE. Keef and Dro on this monumental situation.

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  1. chris

    thank his lawyer Theodor Sedlmayr, he brokered all the 50 cent deals…., Dro is an idiot if ive ever met one….im going to bet the deal was at 2 million too.

    but congrats to Keef and GBE for sure!

  2. yallright

    Yall niggas exactly right. When is LEP, King Lou and the others gone realize they are not marketable. Them niggas too fuckin old to be catering to the youth of today thats rockin with Keef. They wasted all they money for a buzz and still aint in Keef position and he did it wit no bread. Any rapper in ChiTown over 25+ and aint got labels looking at they ass need to give it up. Chief Keef up next if we like his no rapping ass or not. Its what the kids like so he gonna go far. Interscope was a smart deal and I congratulate them lucky fly by night niggas. LEP and the rest of them clowns need to hang it up. They done! Keef got next.

    • Chicago2012

      I hope you don’t take this comment the wrong way (and I normally don’t go out of my way and reply to things like this), but come on now, dude. You’re hoppin’ on the bandwagon, tellin’ people to give up just because they turn a certain age? Beleve me, it’s some talented, gifted people out here that’s well over 25yrs old, and, trust me, they will make it eventually, and will have a whole lot more longevity than these young, non-talented kids, whom mostly are probably just doing it for the money and fame, and I’m one of them, which I don’t really need to say. You will see for yourself. Another man tellin’ another passionate, gifted man that he’s not gonna make it because he’s over a certain age doesn’t mean shit. Get off that simple minded shit, because that’s all it is.

      Everyone will get their time to shine if God gave them the actual talent to do so, even if they have to go the TechM9ne route. Point blank, period.,

      Anyway, I’m very happy for this dude, whether I like his music or not.

      Older rappers, keep doing your thing. And never, ever let anyone make you believe that you can’t do it because you’re over a certain age limit.

    • Charles Barkley

      2chaInz is well over 30 and look at him now, he’s bigger than he ever has been!! King Louie aint even that old and the youth (as well and alot of adults ) love his shit. If anyhting he and durk are probably the most marketable. As far as LEP theyre still buzzin so why hang it up? They just need to put out more music instead of a mixtape every year. But hats off to all of em and congrats to keef.

    • lamesdie2012

      okay so congrats to a nigga with a label is a label and its about eating off these young ignorant niggaz. They want you to break bread off your table with them. so for record execs a young nigga is ideal. but 25+ can be risky even if you ARE hot. they want you in for the long haul.. they will be looking into developing him so cheef keef has to have someone write for him or he wont be able to live up to the hype. its bullshit b/c half these young niggaz aint spittin and the other half aint been on this earth long enough to put no real work in. most older niggaz I know was puttin in work way before all these fuck niggaz was swimming in the sac still. If you young or old keep doing ya thing and before you ride cheef keef dick just remember the label choose him b/c they can eat off a young nigga longer than a older nigga cheef keef better get at some of these older rappin ass niggas so he can pay back his money make sure his situation can rock right.

    • Sheldon

      Dude you gotta be white or a lil ass kid. GBE stands for Glory Boy entertainment…..All them niggas are bd’s. u sure u from chicago?

  3. dip

    “YOUR WRONG! “GBE” is not a crew! GBE is an actual gang in Chicago!”

    “Glory Boy Entertainment” is not an ‘actual gang’ in Chicago.

  4. JEFFY

    WHy is society making this dumb young men thats killing each other RICH??? Why cant we support young black men thats doing positive…SOCIETY IS WAY BACKWARDS..

    • madd producer

      I totally agree jeff,their’s a rap group that’s from chi they’re called(bunch babeez)these lil guys rap about positive things,no cussing,no violence and no degrading females.these lil guys can really,i mean can really rock the mc.their ages are 9,11,13,14&15.i know b/c i produce they’re check them out on youtube,type bunch babeez&click bunch babeez live in lil nephews will get a real everybody on fsd checkout the bunch luv GOD BLESS.

    • Futureismine

      Society is right on point…they have to make deals like this so the younger crowd want to follow in his footsteps, even if whatever the topic is said person isn’t doing. Just like the black man having to lust for a woman woman in a major hollywood picture, or die to save some white actor or be the first person killed. It’s a way to reinforce stereotypes and racism. It will not change till the majority of young black males decide to make it change. Like Malcom X said, “if you want to hide something for a black man put it in a book”.


    SERIOUSLY KILL THE CHIEF KEEF TALK!!! Why are we congratulating a child who doesn’t value life? Why are we allowing this ignorant TEEN to perpetuate the negative stereotype of black men? RHYMEFEST WAS RIGHT! CHIEF KEEF IS A BOMB! I’m disgusted by FSD’s consistent coverage and support of him. Jimmy Iovibe just wants to prance around and profit off of another ignorant, lost teen. Chicago we must STAND UP!

  6. Iska Waran

    It’s all coonery. At this rate, black Americans’ income and wealth relative to that of other Americans will be even lower 100 years from now.





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