Kids These Days – Flashing Lights

| June 21, 2012 | 6 Comments

Kids These Days re-imagine Kanye’s fan-favorite for their latest drop. Pretty dope. KTD’s new project, Traphouse Rock, is on the way.

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Kids These Days – Flashing Lights


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  1. k.i.d. says:

    ok now compare this fantastic work of art to some of the garbage that gets posted on here please…thank u

  2. ChicagoFresh says:

    Thats what I’m talking about Fake Shore! Fresh and Unique. keep this streak going

  3. realest says:

    red cup band rap this ain’t nothing new all the bro white kids will love this

  4. k.i.d. says:

    yeah cause its better than listening to a song with simple ass rhymes like drilla/hitta/n-word/killa…some of the artists that get posted on here are so fuckin simple id let my 10 year old niece ghost write for them…im not knockin it because ill listen and rock to some of it, but that shit is sooo old by now…everyone talks about what they know in their music and i understand that..but how can u grow if u stay on the same ass topics??? peace

    • ChicagoFresh says:

      Fans of the genre love this. Its about lyrics. if you don’t have that you will only meet a certain level of respect in this game. check click on my link if you want to hear my work.

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