Video: GLC Presents: Honored Society [Ep. 2]

Ty Howard 1

Not sure what Honored Society is? I’ll let GL explain:

Honored Society is a web series that I wrote, produced & directed along with my partner Matt Biondo of Down To Earth Entertainment. It takes you in the inner world of a Chicago Crime Family. Surviving by our laws, policies, rules & parameters we will let no one separate or disrupt this thing of ours.

This Episode is fulfills some of the prior obligations pending from episode 1. In this thing of ours we have rules. We survive by our rules. Stepping outside of the guidelines come with crucial & severe consequence. Sentrell learns the hard way as he is invited for a ride from which he never returns. In the midst of mysticism & tyranny, Freak Fly Illie is introduced as he advices Ism to send up the deck with Father Bernard.

You can check out the previous episode here.