Rockie Fresh Signs To MMG

Andrew Barber 14

What’s been rumored for months is now a reality, as in the wee hours of the morning, Rockie Fresh became an official member of Ricky Rozay’s MMG family. The Chicago rapper inked on the dotted line just a few hours ago.

More pics of Rockie’s chaining day below. Congrats Mr. Fresh!

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  1. Uncle Elroy

    Happy to see an actual artist from the chi get a chance to put on & showcase “its not a drill” lol, congrats to Rockie

  2. Nicholas Batts

    may i say a few things…*ahem*

    1. Rockie is a cool kid, really laid back dude when I met him. I truly wish him the best and lpeezy who was also really quiet cool dude when i met him even hustle simmons who although is a douchebag I would never wish ill on anyone, so good luck to him too.

    2. However, Can we be honest? As a chicagoan i am proud he reps the city well but as a fan of music and MMG im just confused. He really doesnt “fit” in and i dont see how he lyrically stacks up against his peers. granted he is only 21 and has room to grow this seems like a Ross really just wanted a piece of Chicago with the rest of industry. Everything just seems so forced and unnatural. Wale grinded for years and he even had Mark Ronson behind him, Meek, Stalley with BluRoc built a very nice buzz. So excuse me if it seems “manufactured” but its a meh move. just my 2 cents no hate. i hope he sells a million records and becomes an Icon.

    – Nicholas

    • we winning

      I like Rockie tho alot, but I have to agree with you a little here…I don’t understand how people like Mikkey, MicTerror, Chance The Rapper, Kids These Days and etc have not been snatched up asap. I find that mind boggling!! Rockie Fresh is a good selection, but some of these guys above are NO BRAINERS!!

  3. dip

    that’s why it’s funny seeing people hate on drill rap by saying ‘actual artist’ because without chief keef this ‘actual artist’ probably would not be seeing a deal

  4. Chief Keef most lyrical rapper

    Chief keef made Chicago Hip Hop.If you think other wise you are ignorant… Rockie is never going to reach music perfection like Keef.Keef is raps are pure greatness. That being said I hope the best for Rockie.

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