Heineken’s Open Your World Campaign Comes To A Close, Winner Announced

Andrew Barber 0

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The fat lady has sung, and unfortunately Chicago wast not victorious. :(

Last week, Heineken challenged FSD to highlight what makes Chicago the most iconic, legendary, worldly and original city in the US via a picture campaign. For seven days, we posted unique images on Instagram inspired by the Heineken brand and tagged with the hashtags: #HKNWorld, #HKNOriginal, #HKNUnchangedSince, #HKNRareImport.

We competed against eight other blogs from around the country, representing LA, NYC, Atlanta, DC, Miami, Detroit, Boston and Philly. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the campaign, and shared or liked our pictures to help the chances of winning a Heineken Open Your World party in the Chi.

It was a close race, but the winner of the event was @RickWlms representing Detroit. Congrats to the D and everyone who participated. Until next time…