Shawnna f/ Diamond – Big & Fat (Remix)

| September 25, 2012 | 9 Comments

Atlanta’s own Diamond joins Shawnna on the official remix for her Young Chop-produced “Big & Fat”. If you haven’t given Shawnna’s She’s Alive a listen yet, then you might want to do that.

Big & Fat (Remix)

Shawnna f/ Diamond – Big & Fat (Remix)


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  1. Columbia Records says:


  2. DRO CITY FINEST says:

    Ain’t nobody even checkin for shawnna wack azz n Drillinios this bitch been washed up since Lil Kim’s face been cut I’d fuck diamond tho but she wacker than shawna rns these hoes sound like shit it’s time to retire

  3. MacBookKing says:

    Shawnna could never represent Chicago she from the suburbs and she gets no honor on the streets this washed up hoe does anything for attention Nobody checkin 4 shawnna ugly ass

  4. I luv big booty hoes says:

    One bitch has crooked tits and the other bitch has a un even ass ! Lmao get a refund on those implants and booty shots

  5. MoneyOverBitches says:

    These thots goofy as fuck these thots could never rep our city have them busted thots take a seat Ol thirsty ass hoes MOB lawncity

  6. POWER92QUEEN says:

    Maybe shawnna can help diamonds broke ass so she dont get her American car repod at video shoots ! Lmaoooo these hoes ain’t worthy OF ANY RADIO PLAY ON OUR STATION , SHAWNNA POPPED AND GETS NO RESPECT SHE’S A WANNA B NICKI

  7. hatinasshoes says:

    Lol @ the hatin … Why yall don’t like her.. I’ve been a shawnna fan since I heard shake that shit on the radio back in the day.. she tight with her style.. who ever talkin that shit sounds bitter as fukk.. get over it… Respect to shawnna.. she still can get it anytime.. holla at me gurl..

  8. mmhmm says:

    This would be only good in video form

  9. FactTeller says:

    if I’m not mistaken wasn’t Chella H on the original version of this track? I swear females be some timing! how you not gone rock out with wit the bitches from ur city!! Dats why female rappers aint on now,to much HATE and ENVY get it together Ladies the game don’t wait fa nun y’all …

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