Video: No ID & Malik Yusef Speak on Current Climate of Chicago

Andrew Barber 2

MTV News hit the G.O.O.D. Music/Moet VMA pre-party last week in LA, and caught up with No ID and Malik Yusef on the red carpet to discuss the current climate of Chicago hip-hop. More specifically Chief Keef and Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter engagement from last week.

This clip features some great insight from two of the Chi’s most respected hip-hop OGs. See what they had to say above.

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  1. Honessy

    “Playing both sides, shit I don’t like” There shouldn’t be a delicate balanced approached after the amount of Fuckery Keef showed after Lil Jo Jo’s death. I see people arguing that society, segregation, poverty, and a broken education system is responsible for the poor behavior shown by Chief Keef. Never factoring in personal responsibility. The Kid’s not 16 he’s 17. In a year he’d be old enough to vote, fight for his country etc. The kid should know the difference between wrong and right. End of story. Everyone making excuses for dude is just enabling these kids to go out and commit horrible acts.

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