4 Comments on "Video: Chief Keef – Kobe [Preview]"

  1. Concrete

    Its fucked up how these boys worked their asses off to build a great situation for themselves and as soon as they are taking off to the top….some Chicago niggas have brought them down…CRAB IN THE FUCKIN BUCKET ASS CITY!! Jo Jo was a crab in the bucket, he tried to come up by pulling them down; the cops trying to bring Keef back to court for that gun range interview are some serious crabs, and whoever gave that that 2 YEAR OLD ASS footage of Reese in the chick scrappin was the ultimate crab! Its the same story in Chicago…when R.Kelly got huge, it was some Chicago niggas who turned in the sex tape, it was a Chicago preacher who created a boycott against him. President Obama when he had his campaign everything was going smooth, everybody was on board, the only motherfucker sabotaging the campaign was Chicago motherfuckers…Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, Father Pfleiger, Jesse Jackson Jr., Blagojevich…dirtying up the name. Niggas was trying to get Kanye but he escaped and never looked back after awhile. Chicago is a crab in the bucket ass city! Im glad I left, I see that city for what it really is!

  2. Fuck This nigga!

    Fuck this hoe ass nigga! Shit is trash, nigga is wack as fuck! This dumb gets more promotion then Twista????!!! What the fuck is wrong with Hip Hop.

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