Video: Kanye & Ma$e @ Jermaine Dupri’s B-Day in 1998 [Unreleased]

Andrew Barber 3

You’re looking for unreleased footage? Well, Channel Zero and Creative Control’s got that. If you didn’t already know, Channel Zero was a very popular local Chicago hip-hop program in the late-90s, early-00’s that was the brainchild of Coodie Simmons and Danny Sorge. So on the eve of Coodie’s ESPN 30 for 30 debut (Benji), they’re dropping unreleased gems.

Here we have a very young and up-and-coming Kanye West at Jermaine Dupri’s birthday party in 1998. This storied b-day bash also happens to be the birthday party where Nelly met M-A-Dollar-Sign-E for the very first time which lead to the Country Grammar deal. But on this fateful day we catch a young Yeezy chopping it up with Harlem World for the Channel Zero cameras just before Betha’s retirement. This is truly amazing. If you’ve closely followed Ye’s career then you know he produced “You Made Me” featuring Nas and Carl Thomas from The Movement album. History lesson? Yep, pay attention.

Shout out to the good folks at Channel Zero and Creative Control — it’s a beautiful day.