2 Comments on "Video: Shayna Love – ONE"

  1. On My Life I sent this chick home in a cab for runnin her mouth all
    night long! She broke. No class. No Car. Not organized! She showed up
    supposed to do a set and didn’t even have a band! luckily my boy
    bailed her out. New artist to FSD, horrible business relationships for
    at least the last 2 years throughout the city. AND how the fuck she a new artist and she was posted on here back in 2010. FOH, good luck in life! FSD y’all kill me joe!

  2. Love always

    Wow this fool went completely out of his way to blog a lie! When I earn 68k annually through Comcast and drive to work 5 days out of the week to get to Oak brook to pay rent, studio time and purchase MERCHANDISE. this guy must be my biggest fan! Because the Liqour Box band I performed with at Soldier field October of 2010 must have been non existent.. the city is behind me. Ask DePaul University! It’s all Love .. @PugsAtomz @MulattoPatriot @officialshayna

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