FSD Feature: How NOT To Get On Fake Shore Drive


Words by  Marisol “Pinqy Ring” Vélez (@PinqyRing)

In a digital age where blog attention can (sometimes) get your music career crackin’, it seems more and more musicians are mindless in maneuvering the media sharing blog cyberspace. We here at Fake Shore Drive decided to give you a taste of things you might be doing wrong through this article, lovingly entitled “How NOT To Get On Fake Shore Drive.” (My title suggestion of “Why Don’t You Get The Hint? Stop Spamming Me. Your Music Is Just Not Good And You’re Currently Sucking At Life” seemed too long. And mean. But mostly long.)

Below, I’ve highlighted a few sure shot ways to NOT get your music posted on FSD, or any blog for that matter. There’s rules to this shit, people. Learn about ’em.

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