FSD Feature: How NOT To Get On Fake Shore Drive


Don’t Spam My Twitter, Or The Twitter Of People I’m Tweeting, Sucka

Nothing is worse than having a conversation with artists, friends or DJs on Twitter, to find you’ve been rudely interrupted, and your mentions are filled with people spamming their music to the lot of you. Sometimes I feel like I have to apologize, especially when my followers are the ones breaking the golden Twitter rule. If it’s not requested, it’s unwanted. You know what people do with things they don’t want? They throw them out and/or ignore them. You become a pest. And, it just leaves a bad impression. People don’t want you to flood their timeline with your single/mixtape/whatever else you crazy people promote. Get OUT and hit the pavement. What ever happened to street teams, anyways? Create a buzz. That way, when your project hits our email inbox, we’ve already heard of you and are more inclined to take a listen.

P.S. Tweeting or Facebooking (aka spamming) your music on Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving and Fourth of July should be against the law, yo. Get off the computer. Enjoy LIFE.

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