5 Comments on "Chief Keef f/ 50 Cent – Hate Bein’ Sober"

  1. chris

    they shud not have released this before the album they fucked up the his album sells because this was the only song people was waiting for

  2. flash fire

    This might have been a hit had the video got made. To put out a single without a video nowadays is insane. Chief Keef fucked up.

  3. blue

    Wiz Khalifa’s verse shoud not have been cutted out… Every1 was waitin on dis song.. an ah lot of Wiz Khalifa fans wud have been willing 2 hear his verse which wud be a plus Chief Keef

  4. erica

    Chief keef has to put a $5000 ticket in one of his albums just for mfs to buy it…sounds like to me they know his album not going to sell….I have never heard of a rapper or any entertainer doing that….he cant rap so what the fuck???? all these shootings at schools why would anybody promote him????he is all about killing people and this is not what the world needs….RIP to all the kids and adults who lost their lives friday at Sandy elementary

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