Cover Art: Chief Keef – Bang Pt. 2

| January 2, 2013 | 8 Comments


If one is to believe what he reads on the internets, then Keef is releasing the sequel to his first-ever mixtape in early 2013. Yep, Bang Pt. 2 is the project, and this is the alleged cover art. A tape this close to the release of Finally Rich? Stranger things have happened. Bang definitely kicked the doors down for Keef in late 2011, so let’s see if this is a return to form.


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  1. notagain says:

    When is Andrew gone stop dickridin this loser. He don’t even give credit to your site for boosting his damn career. Andrew need to quit playin and show real artists for the 2013. Dro or Keef don’t give a fuck about FSD even though it aided in his useless career. This site a damn joke. He won’t post real shit though. This site weak as hell

  2. Sheist T says:

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  3. nolimit nolaw says:

    Notagain shut yo bitch ass up u a hating ass nigga don’t get mad cause shorty hot right now niggas always hating on this boy that’s tragic

  4. CTG says:

    instead of bang pt. 2 which sounds so corny he shoulda named it “Bang Bang” then ppl would have caught on to some creativeness. #JustSayn but simpleminded ppl smh.

  5. Tuchi Montana says:

    sosa cant compaire too me i should be the face of chicago jus sayin check me out

    • JustAFanOfMusic says:

      You suck, bruh bruh… I’d rather listen to Lil B over your wack ass.

      I can’t wait for the nigga Keef to drop off another mixtape… need a better title tho.

  6. hannnn says:

    Niggas like Lil bibby , Lil herb & tink need to be in the spotlight instead of this mildly retarded ass nigga , his lyrics make zero sense , dude sound like he got a dick in his mouth

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