Pics: Casket Runway Presentation



This past Thursday the debut of Sean Mac’s new clothing line, Casket, was held and from the looks of it it was one helluva showing. 10photos was on hand to capture the night as Chicago’s ballers and shotcallers came through to see what all the hype was about. The Grey Goose sponsored event didn’t disappoint as 400+ people filled the venue. Sexy ladies, free drinks, and designer threads?! A winning combo if you ask me.

Hit the jump for more pics.


2 Comments on "Pics: Casket Runway Presentation"

  1. Mike

    Looks good but it looks like a cross between treated and pyrex.
    I cant believe nobody has told him that .when did it become cool to bite .
    Great to see him grow and take an idea bring it to market.
    I know TREATED crew feel some kind of way about this.
    Dude really thinks he is kanye.#beoriginal

  2. I think sean needs to lawyer up,theres already a tshirt line called casket
    This dude needs to be checked for being inspired by treated crew,he dilutes treated crew brand identity
    That they have been organically CULTivating for years.
    Every pic i see dude in he always frowned up like irv gotti fake ass used to do in pics
    I get a female vibe from dude he a top flight dj but u never see him in pics with bitches
    Always mean muggin with niggas .swaggot ass nigga might as well came out with a linecalled #CREATED lol

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