15 Comments on "Video: Kallay f/ GLC & Chuck L.I. – The Game"

  1. Moynaie

    haha it will always be haters no matter what so to jeff and westsideprince thanks for listening to the some its whack to yall cuz a nigga aint talking all that weak shit that chief keef ass talk about yo yall mental are of child like if u cant vide with this or accept and understand the truth that he speaks in the lyrics its self


    Who is this nobody ass nigga he look like a fucking lame and bitch no one cares about wat u have to say u probably just one of his side hoes that nigga will never make it he just another wanna be hipster rapper

  3. jbreeze

    good shit nigga need to download this but high key ATM was never his best friend to begin he used his snake ass just like he used him shouldnt speak on shit you dont have all the info on ijs cause let ATM say they never fucked so you need to get your facts checked James

  4. Moynaie

    need to get your facts straight buddy say tht shit to kallay cuz we domt even know who you are ATm has always been a snake got to police got him arrest now they aint no friends goin about liein to a nigga face starting drama get the story straight james b4 you go opening your mouth cuz you sound like a hating ass bitch

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