Wildstyle (of Crucial Conflict) – For The King

Andrew Barber


Wildstyle spent years tearing down clubs and sending up parties with the wild boy anthems he and Crucial Conflict created. But now Wildstyle has a greater purpose, and that’s spreading the word of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yep, Wildstyle has entered the Gospel ring, and today he brings to us his first foray into the genre with “For The King.” Down with the king indeed.


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    I love when an artist becomes washed up loses all hope and chances at being on again and then reverts to makin a jesus song …..YESHUA BEN YOSEF was his name do christians know this ….17 CHRIST before Jesus and many more after (BUT WHO?)……..CHURCHES , LIQUOR STORES, GANGS, DRUGS = weapons of man destruction in our community FUCK JESUS…..teach ur kids about MALCOLM not martin FUCK A DREAM ………and fuck a false king Wildstyle should change your name to sheepstyle wake up the fuck up …….religion is made up sorry kids

    • J

      Why are you so bitter? What in your life made you so bitter? People (artists) don’t always turn to God because they are washed up. Some do, yes, to make music for the wrong reasons. When you’ve fallen so far because of doing things your own way, you try things differently. When you put your trust in the Lord your problems don’t seem that big. Just because you’ve seen some phony Christians out there and threw God away with them, is it ok for everyone else to judge you based on your looks? I don’t like religion either, that’s why I’m a Christian.

    • Mono

      @ reality why are you so bitter my cousin been in the music bussiness when he was young . he want to go church & leave the raper business alone


    in slaves days they would hang a pregnant woman upside down in front of the other slaves cut the baby out let the mother bleed out then stomp the fetus to death as an example of what happens when slaves wouldn’t accept christianity or they were told things like life may b hell as a slave but if u follow this book given to u by your captor and enemy u will b saved and live in paradise AFTER U DIE OF COURSE gtfoh….christians r so arrogant the only religion that divides the creator ,u named god, into three u mfs don’t even thank or praise god u praise and worship jesus a man jus like u and me the son of god as is any man on earth …..Who made god ? oh that’s right have faith when u have no answers…who made aliens…or r u so selfish and ignorant u think nothing outside of what we know or have proof of actually does exist(google Canadian defense minister or nsa removes ufo videos#2013)y not have “faith” n that …RELIGION WAS ONLY MADE TO CIVILIZE THE SAVAGE WHICH IS MAN…now its just a multi-million if not billion dollar business whose leaders often live lifestyles contradictory to lifestyle they preach from ur local reverend to martin luther king himself……reference movie MALCOLM X when fbi was listen in on him arguing wit Betty and they say compared to King this guys a saint SPIKE LEE PUT THAT JEWEL IN THERE FOR A REASON look at the king fbi files as more become available jesse Jackson, Sharpton all frauds ..GOD BLESS AMERICA Obama says as we destroy the rest of the world to feed our greed ….GODS work aint building multimillion dollar supper churches in impoverished neighborhoods where.. And PEDOPHILIA and HOMOSEXUALITY aren’t just problems in catholic church just as bad in Christian churches word to trinity shout out to BATHHOUSE BARRY …..FOH ….if crucial hadn’t signed that fuk ass deal 1st time around them niggas a still b rich and Wildstyle wouldn’t be maken this bullshit SMH…NOV 5th bitches


      LOL, wow… Thank God He chose me! You have so much hate, the sad thing is the only one it hurts is you…. I hope you find some true happiness, you deserve it.

  • Mono

    I wish people leave my cousin along he wanted to leave rap music

  • Mono

    I wish people leave my cousin along he wanted to leave rap iam glad he went to god

  • Mono

    my cousin had always go to church he wanted to music

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