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  1. Truth

    GBE manager “Uncle Dro” is an idiot. What kind of manager lets his artist (Keef) skip a UK concert, get sued, totally ignore the lawsuit and end up owing $230,000 due to that skipped concert? What kind of manager lets his artist (Keef) get two months behind on his rent and face eviction? What kind of manager lets his artist carry around $10k in cash – when people get killed every day in this country over $40? Anyone relying on Uncle Dro to help their career is also an idiot. People who smoke dope 24/7 tend to be dumb and do a lot of dumb things. Duh.


      LOL dont blame the dope ….NEVER BLAME THE DOPE …..But yeah Keefs handlers should b ashamed especially seeing as how most r family Keef is a kid and with his education(orlackthereof) combined wit his condition/disorder he def cant handle his own biz shit he can barely do a interview HE ALMOST LIKE A IDIOT SAVANT type a dude cus he definately is a major talent (not reflected on last mixtape #toomanyYesmen) ..he has made a career worth of bad decisions in a few years …HATE TA SEE THE YOUNG BOY GO DOWN IN FLAMES BUT HE BOUT 2 wack albums away from it ..GOOD thing is he got a lot a money to blow n make mistakes with plus he get paid when he turn 18 BAD thing is finally rich still aint hit that mark yet TIME TA PULL A OLE ROCAFELLA MURDA INC CASH MONEY MOVE n buy ur own album in bulk


    Bout fuckin time ..this shit better b good 10 songs wtf now i fucs wit Reese of the strength of his last mixtape but unless u writing Nas,Em,Twista,JCole,Wale,Drake,Kendrick etc. caliber bars ,which actually take thought and intelligence, IMA EXPECT MORE THEN 10 songs AFTER A YEAR and that shit of Flex shit was fufu

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