ZMoney Opens Soul Food Restaurant On Westside

Andrew Barber 1


ZMoney’s Rich B4 Rap might’ve been named one of the top 10 mixtapes of the year today by Rolling Stone magazine, but right now, ZMoney’s got bigger fish to fry. Literally. Mr. Rich B4 Rap is diversifying his portfolio outside of the rap game, by opening up a soul food restaurant on Chicago’s Westside.

ZMoney’s latest venture, Emma’s, is named after his Grandmother, and the dishes are inspired by her one-of-a-kind home cooked meals. Says Z: “Yeah, it’s not too far from Wicker Park. I’m naming it Emma’s after my grandma because I love her food more than anybody else’s. Actually, the restaurant move was happening before I even started rapping. I just wanted to keep business in my life at all times. I own a few buildings as well. I’m a business man before anything.”

Well, if you like Z’s music, we’re sure you’ll love his food. Stop by for breakfast or lunch.

5419 W North Ave.
Chicago, IL 60639 ‎

Photos of Emma’s below the jump.