Video: Jay Z Brings Local Rapper On Stage For Second Time In 4 Years For Freestyle

Andrew Barber 1

A local emcee by the name of MoBo was plucked out of the crowd for the second time in four years last night to rap on stage with Jay Z. The Magna Carter tour rolled through Chi City yesterday evening, and as Hov’s been doing throughout this tour, pulled a fan out of the crowd to freestyle and perform on stage with him.

Well, last night, lightening struck twice for Chicago rapper MoBo, who was spotted in the crowd holding a sign with a message for Hova. He then invited her on stage where she rapped for over two minutes for the sold out United Center crowd. MoBo was also pulled on stage with Jay during his Blueprint 3 tour in 2009. Me thinks MoBo should play the lotto today. The good news? Hov took down MoBo’s number after the show. What are the odds?

“In the video, you can hear me joking around, laughing and Hov telling me he’s gonna get my number.. which he did :)”