Twista – The Dark Horse [ Artwork + Track List]

Ty Howard 11


Looks like the wait for Twista’s Dark Horse LP is almost over. According to Best Buy, Twista’s ninth studio album is due out August 12th and will include thirteen new records from the veteran emcee.

The album’s official artwork can be found above, while the track list minus guest features and production credits can be found below. Check out the track list below and stay tuned for more info on The Dark Horse.

1. The Dark Horse
2. I Am Such a Mobsta
3. Devil’s Angel
4. Beast
5. Getting Paper
6. It’s Yours
7. One More Joog
8. Crisis
9. Burnin
10. Want My Love
11. Nothing Like Me
12. Me and You
13. 6 Rings

11 Comments on "Twista – The Dark Horse [ Artwork + Track List]"

  1. The real Turtle Banxx

    He put “Beast” & “Want my Love” there off “back to the basics” he had 4 yrs to but this album together. And we only get 11 original song?!

  2. hu

    Yeah, beast and want my love being on here are a bad sign, especially since Want My Love is some autotune b.s. I’m gonna go ahead and reduce my excitement as there is also autotune on the first track.

  3. D.M.A.

    I’m also surprise to see Beast/Want my love on here. I kno there r prob gon b a couple bonus songs but I figured we wouldn’t get nun from the EP on here. Either way im hype for the album,been waiting. dope cover,hope the album is jus as dope

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