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IshDARR takes it to the court in his dope new video for “Dumb Playing”

For his latest visual endeavor, Mil City don, IshDarr, takes it to the court. The BMO Harris Bradley Center to be exact (where the Bucks play, dummies). Somehow, someway he was able to shoot his great video for “Dumb Playing” on the court all by himself. Hey, you do what you want when you’re poppin. I definitely give this one two thumbs up, and gotta salute Ish for rapping over dribbling basketball sounds — probably the best use of this technique since the Jadakiss / AI Reebok commercials of the early-00s.

Go “Dumb” below.

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Watch Add-2’s TEDx Talk: The Power of Music

This is so dope.

If you guys haven’t been paying attention, Add-2 has been taking a bit of a sabbatical from releasing music. But not from working in music. No sir. He’s more active than ever, to be honest. However, he’s decided to use his power of influence in another way, and that’s by empowering the youth. He’s given so much back, and I believe this only the beginning of what Add is going to offer the world.

He recently released a short-film, Perfect Journey, directed by the homie Mike Paulucci, and while on the promo trail he was tapped to do a Tedx Talk. How real is that? Today, we not only have the Perfect Journey short film, but his Tedx Talk as well. It’s all about using his craft to educate, empower and try to chip away at the dangerous corners and actions of Chicagoans. Very well done.

Watch both below.

“I often felt like writing music was the therapy that parents could never afford. There was something amazing that used to happen when I used to make music. I used to turn around and release it to the world, and somehow, some way, it would get to people who never seen me; didn’t know me, didn’t walk on my block. But felt the exact same way I did. It let me know I wasn’t alone. See, this therapeutic writings had started to turn into therapeutic listenings. It created a symbiotic relationship where me as an artist, at first, I was writing to help myself. But then I started releasing it and I figured out ‘Wow. This is helping other people.”

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The Boy Illinois has inked a deal with Priority Records

Congrats are in order to The Boy Illinois, who just took to social media to announce he has inked a deal with legendary Los Angeles-based label, Priority Records. Illi hasn’t revealed too much about this new partnership, but did hint that it’s a distribution-based relationship. Whatever the case, you can expect some big announcements in the very near future. This is definitely a great look for all parties involved.

Priority is probably best known for its glory days of the 80s and 90s when they released music from NWA, Master P and No Limit Records, Ice Cube and many more. It’s one of the most iconic rap labels of all time, and has sold millions and millions of records worldwide. Priority Records was relaunched in 2016 and is headed up by West Coast vet, Fuzzy Fantab. Chicago production wizard, The Legendary Traxster, announced a deal with the label for his Nothing But Dope imprint earlier this year.

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