New Project: Dame Dot – KOS


Contrary to popular belief, the streets have never truly been ruled or governed. In fact, the streets have always fallen short when it come to regulations. Today, however, Detroit’s own Dame Dot opens the doors to his kingdom, with his new album KOS (King Of The Streets). 

For his rulership, Dame grabbed Michigan Meech for production and RJ Lamont for hosting duties. Dame extends his king with the help of Team Eastside Peezy, Babyface Ray, and HardWork Jig — just to name a few. Check out Dame’s reign of power below.

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Malcolm London – Charlie


Produced by EB

“I’m a black boy/ Targets on my back, boy/ Three strikes coming, better go and get your passport”

It’s been a troubling week for America. But what’s finally coming to light thanks to camera phones and social media has been happening unjustly for years. It’s just being documented now as the whole country has finally come online. Racist cops have been abusing their power for years within the black community, and now the rest of the world is being confronted with it. For Malcolm London, spreading this message is nothing new. He’s been at the forefront for years trying to wake people up, and fighting for freedom.

He’s a leader, and has one of the strongest and most effective voices in the city — and today he delivers another powerful play with “Charlie” — the official first single from his forthcoming debut.

“Charlie” is built around a thought-provoking speech from bygone Hollywood star Charlie Chaplin, which calls to eradicate hate by any means necessary. Malcolm has proved he’s willing to die for his cause, and you can feel the pain in his voice on “Charlie.”

This is the official first single from Malcolm’s debut, which is due out later this year. Pay attention. Keep fighting.

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