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Is this the track list for Kanye West’s ‘Turbo Grafx 16′


Kanye West is out of the hospital and already back working on new music. His most recent collaborator? Pete Rock. Allegedly, the two were “playing 45s in da lab” and cooking up just last night in Los Angeles. Pete dropped some samples of the music that Genius picked up, along with a rumored track list for Ye’s teased Turbo Grafx 16 album.

In one clip the camera pans to a notepad, which includes the below track list. Is this the real deal? A calculated troll? A send off? We’re not sure, but it’s been transcribed, and many are named after video games. Hear some of the rumored music down bottom. Let’s hope this doesn’t end up on a hard drive landfill somehwere and the public will actually get to hear it in full.

1. Metroid Other
2. Muramasa the Demon Blade
3. New Super Mario Bros
4. No More Heroes 2
5. Okami
6. Pikmin 2
7. Rabbids Go Home
8. Red Steel 2
9. Resident Evil
10. Silent Hill
11. Sin & Punishment 2
12. Sonic Colors
13. Super Mario Galaxy Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
14. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

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Chance The Rapper, BJ The Chicago Kid & Kanye West nominated for multiple Grammys


This is a big morning for Chicago music.

It comes as no surprise, but a major congrats to Chance The Rapper, who is up for one of the big four Grammy Awards, Best New Artist. On top of this major nomination, he’s dominated the hip-hop field, as he’s also up for Best Rap Performance (“No Problem”), Best Rap/Sung Performance (“Ultralight Beam”), Best Rap Song (“No Problem” & “Ultralight Beam”) and Best Rap Album (Coloring Book).

Also, hometown hero BJ The Chicago Kid has landed three major nominations as well for Best R&B Album (In My Mind), Best Traditional R&B Performance (“Woman’s World”) and Best R&B Performance (“Turnin Me Up”).

Kanye also raked up quite a few nominations per usual, including Best Rap Album for Pablo.

In summation, Kanye is up for a total of 8, Chance a total of 7, and BJ a total of 3.

See the full rundown below, and congrats to the guys. See you in LA in February.

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Listen to Kanye West’s “Ass Shots” featuring French Montana & Cam’Ron


‘Ye, French and Cam? Here for it.

No word on if this a new joint (possibly a new single from French) or a record that was intended for Swish The Life Of Pablo, but you can listen to “Ass Shots” below —  for now, anyway.

Check out the collab from ‘Ye, Montana and Cam which just hit the e-streets below and hopefully, we’ll know what’s really good with it soon. Stay tuned.

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Twista pens open letter to longtime friend Kanye West


As you’ve surely seen and heard by now, last night Kanye West was admitted to a Los Angeles-area hospital after what dispatchers called a “psychiatric emergency.” This comes just days after concerts in San Jose and Sacramento where the rapper made some shocking off-kilter remarks supporting Donald Trump, and taking shots at friends Beyonce, Jay and Drake. Something was off.

Most will never know the tremendous pressures of the music business — or the trappings of fame. And Kanye has endured this more than most — certainly more than the other artists of his 2004 class.

That said, longtime friend and collaborator, Twista, who himself has stayed relevant for over 25 years in the game, sent over an open letter penned to Yeezy. He empathizes, sympathizes, and lets Kanye and the world know he has his full support. Twista understands like most never could.

Get well soon, Kanye. Read Twista’s wise words below.

I woke up this morning and i felt the need to prayer for those who might not have a voice to pray. The music business is a very stressful business to be in, i been doing this for a very long time and believe me when i say it takes a very strong minded person to go thru the daily shit that you have to go thru. “the smile of a clown” a clown gets paid to make other people happy, even if that clown might be going through a mental break down, that clown can’t let the public see him cry or else he might loose the only job that helps him take care of his family.

the music business is all about profit and elevation, the more hotter you are the more money you make, the longer your career lasts. the only catch to that is no one stays hot forever, no one can be new over and over again, so now you have the pressure from your fans, record label, friends,family, bill collectors, and the media to keep making hot music and never get old. take a min and think about that, can you imagine the pressure and responsibility a person gotta have not only to be successful but also to stay successful too?

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Listen to @someguynamedty’s ‘Pablo Pablo Pablo’ Kanye West Mix from ‘The Drive on Shade 45’


All Pablo Everything.

Last night, I took over the The Drive on Shade 45 a.k.a. #TheDriveSXM (like we do every Sunday night at 11p CST) with a very special mix on deck — Pablo Pablo Pablo, a hour-long mix featuring OG versions and favorites from Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo. Missed it? Shame on you. No worries though, I got you.

You can listen to Pablo Pablo Pablo right here, right now — for a limited time only though. Check out the mix below and be  sure to listen to The Drive on Shade 45 every Sunday night at 11p CST.

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