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Kanye Confirms ‘Pablo’ Tour Coming This Fall & More on Steve Harvey


Lord Yeezus was a guest this morning on Steve Harvey’s morning show, where he called in to chat about his new single, “Ultralight Beam,” which they’re pegging as a Gospel release. Makes sense, no? Elsewhere in the interview, Kanye confirmed he was going to hit the road in support of Pablo this Fall:

“So we gone go out in September, I believe, and we’re just working on some of the ideas right now,” Kanye explained. “But as I said before, it’s like, I’m trying to literally inspire these kids the way Disney inspired me, the way, you know, when I saw the original Star Wars.”

Listen to the full video below.

Sidebar: how dope is it that Chance The Rapper is featured on a Kanye West single?

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Watch Aziz Ansari & Eric Wareheim’s Bizarre Video of Kanye West’s “Famous”

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.40.52 AM

Comedians Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim took to the streets of Italy (is that Florence?) to film an, um, interesting clip for Kanye West’s “Famous.” The video includes wine, Italian food, humping cars, riding statues, climbing stairs and all kinds of other tomfoolery.

If you love “Famous,” we can’t guarantee you’ll love this. But watch it!

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Chicago News

Kanye West Becomes First Artist To Have a #1 Album Based on Streams


The game has changed forever. Kanye West has become the first artist in the history of recorded music to have an album go #1, based on streams alone. There were a few copies of The Life of Pablo sold via Kanye’s own site, but the vast majority of these first week numbers came from streaming outlets.

Thanks to opening up the album to Spotify and Apple Music, the album earned 90k in sales based on the new measurement. Bravo. How long have I been trying to warn people that this was going to happen? Thankfully, the rest of the world is now paying attention. Welcome to the future.

Says HDD

Kanye West is officially the first artist to have an album go #1 with a number based entirely on streaming from the major outlets. There were some paid album downloads for The Life of Pablo from the G.O.O.D/Def Jam star’s own website, but the overwhelming majority of the 90k+ earned came from streaming services, including Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal.

This unprecedented strategy was crafted with Kanye by new manager Scooter Braun, Steve Bartels and Team Def Jam. Meanwhile, Ye can also be seen atop the iTunes singles chart, thanks to his collaboration with Drake on “Pop Style.”

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