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Listen to Kanye West’s “Bed Season 5” featuring The-Dream

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During his Yeezy Season 5 fashion show, Yeezus bucked the trend of premiering new music by playing a long-lost demo version of The-Dream performing J. Holiday’s 2007 hit, “Bed.” Dream co-wrote the record back in the mid-00s, before sliding it over to J, leading it to become a massive hit.

No one knows why Kanye chose to use this demo version of “Bed” during his fashion show, but Yeezy does whatever tf he wants, always. So this morning, Kanye took to Soundcloud to drop the song in its entirely, which clocks in at over 17-minutes long. Jump in “Bed” below.

Sorry y’all, no new Kanye vocals here.

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Kanye denies saying Drake’s music is overplayed on radio

Paps ran up on Kanye today, and of course pressed him about Drake’s recent interview with Semtex, where Drake vocalized his displeasure with Ye over his comments regarding “For Free” with Khaled getting overplayed on radio. Kanye’s response? A casual “I never said that.”

Now let’s put this one to bed. There’s still hope for a Drake and Kanye album, or nah?

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Is Kanye West accepting an ‘Ambassador’ role within the Trump administration?


Update: Kanye West has revealed his reasoning for meeting with Trump this morning


Earlier this morning, Kanye West sent social media into an uproar after pics and video surfaced of the artist meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in NYC. Trump and Kanye are two masters of the media, so they’ve been dominating trending topics and headlines all morning — just as they planned. It makes a lot of sense that they’re friends.

However, E! News is reporting that this meeting of the minds might have a deeper meaning — one that could land Yeezus a role within the Trump administration. Shocking? Not really.

The “Jesus Walks” rapper met with Trump to discuss becoming an “ambassador of sorts,” a source close to West tells E! News. The source adds that Trump is interested in getting West involved in an “entrepreneurial leadership role.”

As for how the meeting came about, the insider tells us that Trump’s team reached out to West. “Trump thinks he’s a great role model when it comes to business,” the insider add

Yes, it’s still 2016, so that means anything can happen. Will Ye play the inauguration? That’s still not clear, but it does appear these two are friends and have some things in the works.

Watch video of their exchange below.

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