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New Project: Lil Durk – Lil Durk 2x


When I first met Durk 4-5 years ago, I knew he was going to be a star. Even in his beginning stages he had an ear for melody, harmony, beats and hits. He could do the street stuff, and had the appeal to punch through to a crossover audience. The ladies loved him, and the dudes could relate to him.

So here he stands, years later, now on his second major label release — his second on Def Jam Records. Many have tried, many have failed — but Durk has persevered. Through pain, tragedy and now triumph. He’s remained focused no matter what, and has only grown and become a bigger factor in the game. The numbers don’t lie. I’m very proud to see him continue to reach and accomplish his goals. He worked hard for it. In fact, he worked 2x harder than his competition.

That being said, his new album is now available. You can buy on iTunes, or stream it below. Pick your poison. Just make sure you do it 2x. Got it?

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Chicago News

Lil Durk Covers RESPECT. Magazine


On the eve of the release of his official sophomore album via Def Jam, Lil Durk posts up on the latest digital cover for RESPECT. Magazine. The cover story, titled ‘No Pain, No Gain’, finds Durk speaking on what he did differently on his Lil Durk 2X album, possibly expanding his OTF brand, Chicago, and much more.

Read the full cover story right here and look for Lil Durk 2X to hit iTunes later tonight.

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Lil Durk f/ Future – Hated On Me

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.24.58 AM

Last night, I hosted a private dinner on behalf of Lil Durk and Def Jam Records in celebration of Durk’s second Def Jam album Lil Durk 2x. During said dinner, his collaboration with Future “Hated On Me” sprung a leak. Funny how that works out. Well, the good news is that it’s here today and Durk’s album is done and it drops Friday. Yes, I’ve heard the completed version. Looking forward to really putting my ears to it — it was sounding stellar right now.

So beforehand let’s listen to “Hated On Me” featuring Future. Funny story. Three years ago (or so), I interviewed Future for Cricket Wireless. I asked him if there were any Chicago artists he really wanted to work with, and he said Lil Durk. So here it is. Sure they worked together on the Zona Man record, but now they have something on the Durk album. Yes, Durk and Fire Marshall Future. Hate on below.

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