Mixtape: Vic Spencer – Vic Greenthumbs

Vic Greenthumbs Front Cover

Today Vic Spencer celebrated 30 rotations around the sun, and  what’s a better way to celebrate than 30 self proclaimed movies from Vic Spencer and his alter ego known as Vic Greenthumbs?   Vic Greenthumbs boasts a slew of features from Sulaiman, Gemstones, Chris Mathien, Chance, Alex P. Keaton, D. Brash, Brian Fresco, D2G, JDP, Silken, Henny B, Griffen, Simeon of Primeridian and more! Vic worked really hard and recorded well over the 30 tracks featured on the tape in order to make sure Vic Greenthumbs was the blockbuster he’s been boasting it would be. The standouts on Greenthumbs (in my opinion) are Rainlife II featuring Sulaiman, National Geographical feat. Chance, Indigo Spirit and my personal favorite Passwords which features a screwed hook over my favorite beat from the collection. Track list and download after the jump!

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Beat Tape: Thelonious Martin – [Super]


Thelonious Martin aka 1Up has unleashed his newest beat tape, [Super], onto the world today and I must say that it has been eagerly anticipated.  From what I’ve heard so far (3 beats in) the tape is very soulful and I’m diggin what I’m hearing. Also, judging on his past beats and beat tapes this right here is definitely a must listen.  This is his 7th beat tape in the last 365 days and although the kid just got out out of high school he’s been putting in work on the music side.  According to Mr. Martin this project is an ode to late nights and the (mis)adventures we sometimes take during the odd hours of the day.   Sit back and enjoy and if you actually know how to rap, maybe you can take on one of these beats as a challenge… After the jump is a video further explaining [Super] as well as the track listing.

Thelonious Martin – [Super] (Stream)

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Mixtape: Vic Spencer x Black Spade – Go Louis

Go Louis!

Vic Spencer makes his mixtape return with a project that his been in the works for quite some time now Go Louis. The mixtape is a collaborative effort between Chicago MC Vic and St. Louis producer Black Spade so the title was kind of a given.  Vic had been a fan of Black Spade for a minute before he was blessed with an opportunity to rock a show with him a year or so ago in St. Louis.  Upon linking for the show VI and Spade formed a bond in which Vic was essentially given the go ahead to choose from an insane collection of Spade beats.  This mixtape’s progression spans pretty much from the completion of Vic Magorium’s Hip-Hop Emporium through the Disappointed mixtape sessions all the way up until about a week ago when the final verses were laid for the project.  The tape contains 12 songs featuring both St. Louis and Chicago MCs such as Naledge, Tef Poe, Sulaiman, Nato Caliph, Vic Mensa and even Black Spade himself.  Download the mixtape below and check the track list under the jump…

Vic Spencer x Black Spade – Go Louis

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Mixtape: GLC x DJ Pharris – Respect My Come Up Vol. 2: The Ism

GLC x DJ Pharris x Boi Genius (on the cuts)

It’s been a long time coming,  but GLC’s album Love, Life & Loyalty will drop rain or shine on October 12th, 2010 on EMI Records.  Last night, GLC held his listening session at the House of Blues in Chicago and played his creation for a packed house of friends, family and fans.  I’ll talk more about this later today, but for now, get a taste of what he has to offer with his mixtape, Respect My Come Up Vol. 2: The Ism, with DJ Pharris & Boi Genius.

Hit the jump for DL link and track list.

John Legend, Bump J, Really Doe, Trailblazerz and Keezo Kane all make appearances. Actually, Keezo Kane pretty much produced the whole dame tape. Respect the ism!

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