Project Mayhem


Video: Tree f/ Lennon – Grace

Shot and chopped by Bang & Oligar.

While in Europe for the Dizzy Tour, MC Tree cooked up a visual for the Lennon-assisted “Grace”. This record was a fan favorite from Tree’s @MCTREEG EP with ScionAV, which we still keep in rotation over here.

shot while on the #DIZZYTOUR through europe, this stop was london at vice’s magazine issue launch as tree plays to a packed crowd and later finesse’s with some of the cities most beautiful women……

Stream and download Tree’s @MCTREEG EP right here.

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Lennon – The Jungle


Produced by The Live.

Project Mayhem’s Lennon likens the club scene to the jungle on the latest offering from his forthcoming project, Hindsight. It’s really a jungle out there, so allow Lennon to take you on an audio tour below.

Hindsight drops July 30th. Mark your calendars.

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Video: Project Mayhem f/ Tree – Amazing/Celebration

Directed by Phil Lee

Close to four years ago, Project Mayhem had a video release party for their local hit “Lo Sweatas” at Lumen in Chicago. The party was one of the best hip-hop events I’ve attended since running Fake Shore Drive. Everyone in the spot was partying and in great spirits and when the video hit the big screen, the mouths in the room collectively dropped. It was a moment, a special moment. If you were there I’m sure you can attest to that statement.

Fast forward four years, and the Mayhem Machine return with a video that evokes the same emotion of that “Lo Sweatas” video. Featuring crisp shots of Chicago nights and glossy, gleaming old school automobiles. I’ve only watched it once, but it’s safe to say this is one of the best videos of the year. Creative, well-directed and full of fashion forward flickin’. Yep, this joint is amazing. Check out this dual clip featuring the Mayhem boys and Tree, pulled from their Middle America project. It’s a celebration, bitches!

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