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Watch Part 1 of Paypa’s ‘PAYPAMAN The Film’

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You know Paypa. A central figure of the legendary Chicago hip-hop collective, Project Mayhem. He’s been a part of some of the greatest songs, videos and one-off projects of the past 5-10 years, and today he puts his best foot forward on the solo tip with his new short film, PAYPAMAN The Film. This three-part series kicks off today with “Off The Grid,” the first of the hair-raising and riveting trilogy. Walk with Paypa through the mean streets of Chicago and Los Angeles, and watch him tell his gritty story — the only way he knows how.

The next two parts of the video will be dropping weekly (the 24th and the 31st, respectively.) The soundtrack for the film will drop shortly thereafter, so yeah this isn’t just some video — it’s an all encompassing event. Paypa tells us:

“I am really excited to return with a project like this. Chicago has had a checkered relationship with hip hop, which I believe stops people from really understanding what we go through in this city. On one hand you’ve got an international city that is loved around the world but often times growing up in the city can feel like torture.” Paypa believes this project will help people understand why artist such as Kanye, Common and Project Mayhem had to take unchartered routes to success but says, “Nevertheless we are here now and ready to show hip hop just how real Chicago can be. We stay ready.

So check out part one below, and be sure to spread the word. Welcome back, Paypaman. Now get to the bag. Go “Off The Grid” now.

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Video: Tree f/ Lennon – Grace

Shot and chopped by Bang & Oligar.

While in Europe for the Dizzy Tour, MC Tree cooked up a visual for the Lennon-assisted “Grace”. This record was a fan favorite from Tree’s @MCTREEG EP with ScionAV, which we still keep in rotation over here.

shot while on the #DIZZYTOUR through europe, this stop was london at vice’s magazine issue launch as tree plays to a packed crowd and later finesse’s with some of the cities most beautiful women……

Stream and download Tree’s @MCTREEG EP right here.

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Lennon – The Jungle


Produced by The Live.

Project Mayhem’s Lennon likens the club scene to the jungle on the latest offering from his forthcoming project, Hindsight. It’s really a jungle out there, so allow Lennon to take you on an audio tour below.

Hindsight drops July 30th. Mark your calendars.

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