The Legendary Traxster


New Project: The Legendary Traxster – Black Saints


All praise, the Beat God is here. The Black Saint has arisen. And we can all now rejoice, as Traxster returns to the boards and the mic for his first solo album in many, many years with Black Saints. They say greatness takes time, and Trax did just that with this 11-song opus.

The album was entirely produced by Traxster, and appears to be entirely performed by Traxster as well. I’m only a few tracks in, and I can truly say that it’s that classic Traxster vibe on here — all with a 2016 twist. Fans of Saint Trax will revel in this one. So listen with me, as we give praise to the Beat God. Do so below, and be sure to leave somethin’ in the collection plate. 

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