Scarface Signs Chicago Emcee Griffen

Andrew Barber

Griffen Gilgamesh may be new to the FSD crowd, but in the immortal words of Mikkey Halsted “those that know, know”.

Griff told me that this deal was going down, it was just a matter of when. The dope part about it is that Scarface discovered Griffen via Twitter, which very well could be a first. ‘Face liked what he heard and quickly offered Griff a spot on his FaceMob Muisc roster.

Says Griffen:

“I dont know if anybody else got signed off Twitter – I know SouljaBoy did it off MySpace, but Twitter is a mufukka. Scarface found me on Twitter, joey…

To get a phone call from someone who you grew up on and who’s work heavily inspired your own work is unreal in itself, but to have one of your idols tell you ‘Your shit is dope, I wanna put my name behind somethin like that’ is beyond ridiculous. The opportunity to work with Scarface in any capacity is a blessing impossible to pass up or take lightly. I have turned down major deals before. 3 or 4 times it was really on and I said no cuz shit didn’t add up. This particular label situation [FaceMob Music] is the perfect fit in respect to what I’ve been in search of from a business, as well as a creative, standpoint and it is my belief that I am the type of artist that a businessman such as Face has been waiting to get a hold of. I am humbled to an insane degree yet eager to get started and look forward to representing the City of Wind properly as a ranking member of the only mob that matters… FACEMOB.”

I also hit Mr. Mr. Scarface for a quote and he had this to say:

“He is one of the most lyrical new comers ive ever heard and trust me I’ve heard a lot im honored to work with such a talent…”

Certified dope. 

Scarface’s FaceMob Music will release Griffen’s album, Apotheosis very soon. Bionik (Aceyalone, Ice-T, Treasure) is to be featured & Tony Baines slated to produce.  Stay tuned.


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  • Eugene

    This nigga is sick with the bars….duffmasters bitch!

  • Seryiouz

    Last time I seen this Griff, I was chopping it up with him in his hood, fuckin wit his Pit Bulls with the homey V.O.N….Congrats Joe!

  • J.Hollins

    Congrats! I grew up on Face and value his opinion on artist heavily! I’ve never heard of homie but if Face stamped him, I’m fucking wit him, plus he’s from the crib!!! Good shit!!!

  • FatBoi

    My nigga congrats bro.

  • Simeon

    My ninja you RAPPIN! congrats fam….

  • Simeon

    My ninja you RAPPIN! congrats fam…


    Congratulations to Griffen. This dude is a Chicago Hiphop Pioneer for those that don’t know

  • Griffen312

    Thats the shit, joe !!!! FACEMOB

  • Dyke Error

    totally forgot bout dude, i remember he used to post up on chibangin and had an album on cdbaby years ago.

  • Deluj 0909

    its funny everybody from Chicago that gets signed are people that are never featured on this site UNTIL after they’ve been signed….while the same usual suspects are on here week after week with not a record deal plan in site. Something that just makes u go hmmmmmm.

  • Anonymous


  • jc tops

    ^^^hahah!!! that shit just means most on here are not really grinding whatsoever…fakeshoredrive residents!!

  • Q


  • Exquisite Basketcase

    It’s about time…we need to hear some real live shhhh from the Chi…not some mofo that used to live here 30 years ago talking about this Chi town grind…good bizz Griff…represent playa!!!!!

  • Maf Maddix

    That is big big news! 312

  • Z

    Griff is one artist who has kept up his craft no matter what the industry threw at him. He gets iller every year, and drops new material every year. Whoever says he hasn’t been grinding… no disrespect, but that won’t hold water.

    Also… The industry cannot continue to ignore Chicago any longer! It’s becoming obvious. Every artist “up out this B” has a whole new perspective on established genres of music. They just don’t know what to do with us.

    Everyone on this page who raps, sings, or whatever…. Your time is coming as well, and given half the chance, you will hurt the game!

    Nice One, Griff!

  • nicky

    Congrats dude! Represent the Chi and P.A (inside joke, lol) baby boy! Much love!

  • Kevin Beacham

    That’s incredible to hear. I’ve been telling people about Grif and playing his music, demos, etc since at least ’95 and I always get people who are blown away by his music. He deserves a bigger platform to be heard. The man is a lyrical mastermind and all around gifted mc. Definitely looking forward to what this new deal brings. Props to my man Grif and respect to Scarface for recognizing the talent and putting something into action.

  • MaHaRaNi

    Griff!!! It’s about time your talent gets recognized in a more official way! Congrats!

    Chi has a lot of talent to offer, it’s about time we start marking the map!


    Deluj 0909 say:
    its funny everybody from Chicago that gets signed are people that are never featured on this site UNTIL after they’ve been signed….while the same usual suspects are on here week after week with not a record deal plan in site. Something that just makes u go hmmmmmm.

    Real talk, i have never paid attention, but you may have a point..

  • dave

    Griff- Thats bad ass man !! Congrats!! Can’t wait for the rest of the world to see what you have to offer.. Don’t forget bout us lil people down here.. If I can help you in anyway let me know!!

    Peace- Dave

  • Marla Mae

    Good Business Fam! & once again congats on ur new baby “JoeiSimone” (her name is so Chicago-had to say it again)
    Anybody who don’t know my boy Griffen- go listen, & anybody who do, u’a know what I mean when I say “Cyanide till they all die!” hahah!

  • BigRick Of G.M.G

    That’s a great look for the city Face is my favorite mc and one of the realest artist in the industry that I know personally he know true talent and griff is one that derserve that blessing congrats fam and far as the comment on fsd residents it does make ya think much love BigRick Of GMG Ent Ch2 on the way

  • Tren

    Holding it down for the Chi, Griffen you don’t disappoint ……get it my dude!!

  • Sef Rich

    Way past due.. Big ups 2 Scareface for steppin up to the plate. This is a great move for FaceMob! Griff is that talent. Griff works hard and hopefully with that push he can make some history!!!

  • PSA

    Wow… 287 facebook reposts… that team is strong. Nice work Griffen.

  • Luis

    Good shit but i personally think ur shit is horrible.

  • Griffen312

    @Luis – i appreciate the doubt & accept the challenge to make you a believer.

  • Walt Gee 87

    Griff, you did it money !!! Now it’s grind time … I got some newness for you too. Englewood with an E in the buidling !!!

  • SexiiKali

    I’m glad u were recognized for ur true talent, being the lyricist u r u deserve to b up with the big dogs..n i agree scarface is sumone to look up to n now many others will look up to u…its not bout how many years u have experience with the game its wether u have heart n u put ur soul into each word, and each verse. ♥besos n wish u the best luck♥

  • Sparc

    Bout Time Somebody got wind of this Nigga He Been Dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And Who better than Face!!!!

    Congrats Griff.

    Sparc aka Fresh1six!!!

  • dave

    31 comments and nobody hating…i smell BS (bullshit)


    Good shit! im glad to see the city working. lets get it crackin chaly! MONEY HUNGRY ENT.

  • Griffen312

    Damn Dave… maybe there is a consensus that there’s nothing to hate on…

    and there was one comment. Scroll up.

    Honestly, tho – ur right – I did expect more negative posts but there aren’t any. It is pretty insane. Dope den a mufugguh, but insane nontheles… I have nothing but appreciation for anyone who read the story and drop a comment haters and supporters alike. Its all a good thing for the city. I dont smell bullshit… I smell Providence, joe.

  • j.hustles

    I been bursting my ass at this music, but I watched this cat Griffen at work and my grind definitely needs to do some push ups, watch out Griff gone be that dude!!!!

  • Manny the T-shirt Man

    This Dude has been putting it in, down whatever you want to call it for eons. Its about damn time. Fuck the haters it all gets greater when hard work is put in. Congrats Griff.

  • Manny the T-shirt Man

    I will meet you in the Dominion.

  • That Dude

    Goes to show how whack this site is. Andrew dick riding all these dudes with little talent, it’s so funny pretty much all the dudes getting signed out the Chi aren’t regular features on this lame-o site! Just goes to show Andrew is a fuckboy faggot and this site is whack as fuck…PEACE

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