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Andrew Barber

The New TWISTA album “KAMAKAZEE” Coming Spring 1999 Winter 2004

Where can I find the Shock The World album?  I’ve got rewards.

I figured some of you Hip-Hop nostalgics would enjoy a handful of “throwback” Chicago posts I did over on my Tumblr page this week.  I was able to round up old goodies from the likes of Twista, Psychodrama, No ID, Mikkey and Common.   I have plenty more on deck and if you guys enjoy them, I can do a round up once a week.  I’m obviously not trying to shove these down your throat.  Or am I?

No ID – Remain Anonymous [Source ’97 article]

Mikkey Halsted – Tears & Pain [lost Cash Money album cover]

Common’s Hip-Hop Quotable for “The 6th Sense” [Source ’00]

Psychodrama – Time Vs. Life [lost Suave House album cover]


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  • Andrew Barber

    I hate to comment on my own shit, but I remember how pissed I was that Kamikaze took so damn long to come out. The Spring of 99 came and went with no sign of it and then Adrenaline Rush 2000 dropped which was a fake out album, and then came Legit Ballaz. But in the end, it was probably best it came out when it did.

  • Rookie

    Yeah I was interning with Legit Ballin Records at the time and I was constantly bombarded with the “Where the hell is Kamikaze album at?” question. Go figure, good shit my dude.

  • TessaG


  • burd

    yea agreed im likin these throwbacks keep it up. and i was young when kamikaze was supposed to orininally drop so i had no idea about it so my first taste of twista was slow jamz and overnight celebrity, got a little older and went back and discovered the classic adrenaline rush and now its probly in my top 10 rap albums of all time

  • hunnid

    LMAO @ ‘Rigoberto’ i always wondered what riggs was short for exactly…

  • Pocket Science

    I wanna be like, TWISTA Lol.
    Go ILL, lets get it Windy City Respect!

  • Luckie2k10

    lol.. I was probably the guy always asking rookie when Kamikaze coming out

  • FatBoi

    Yo drew I bet you cant get that All Chicago Benjamin’s freestyle. Mike luv prolly got it Start with him i needs that.

  • PoPimp85

    Hey that All Chicago Benjamin’s freestyle was already released on a freestyle album that Mike Love put out from WGCI Bad Boys.

  • anonymous

    atlantic owns the rights to the shock the world album and that’s not even a pic of trax/toxic on the pic, its mayz and liffy.


    nice post!!

  • FatBoi

    That artwork for mikk was ass, Im glad they aint put my bro out like that.

  • Anon

    I’m pretty sure the STW album was never finished, so Atlantic would own half the rights to vapor…

  • Tumblr

    FSD Tumbler > FSD Blog

  • dawreck

    good look on the throwbacks. i respect all these guys
    you brought back a lotta memories. im happy to say i had the pleasure to hear these albums
    even thougth they never came out . that shock the world album was raw. trax and toxic snapped on the rapping, and concepts. and psyde and buk snapped on that sauve album too!

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