Kanye West – Power

Andrew Barber

This can’t be life. Kanye’s “Power” leaks seemingly out of nowhere. This joint is off the hook. What else did you expect?

The first single (supposedly) off Good Ass Job. Fight the power.

He’s back.

[wpaudio url=”http://www.box.net/shared/static/hl3mzy6a61.mp3″ text=”Kanye West – Power” dl=”http://www.box.net/shared/hl3mzy6a61″]

Update: Track features Dwele and was produced by S1 (Symbolyc 1) of Strange Fruit Project.  The track was co-produced by Kanye.   Apaprently, Rhymefest  introduced S1 & Ye and that’s how they began working.

Update II: Drake reportedly passed on this beat.  Eek x Fail.

Update III: Lyrics for “Power” after the jump.  [via]

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I’m living in that 21st century
Doing something mean to it
Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it
Screams from the haters got a nice ring to it
I guess every superhero need his theme music
No one man should have all that power
The clocks ticking I just count the hours
Stop tripping, I’m tripping off the power

The system broke and the school’s closed
The prison’s open
We ain’t got nothing to lose motherfucker we rollin’
Motherfucker we rollin’ with some light skin girls and some Kelly Rowlands
In this white man world, we the ones chosen
So goodnight cruel world, I’ll see you in the morning
I’ll see you in the morning,
This is way too much, I need a moment
No one man should have all that power
The clock is ticking I just count the hours
Stop tripping, I’m tripping off the power
Until then, fuck that, the world’s ours

Fuck SNL and the whole cast,
Tell ‘em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass
More specifically they can kiss my asshole
I’m an asshole? You niggas got jooookes
You short-minded niggas thoughts is Napoleon
My furs is Mongolian, my ice brought the goalies in
I embody every characteristic of the egotistic
He knows he’s so fucking gifted
I just needed time alone with my own thoughts
Got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open up my own vault
My child-like creativity, purity and honesty is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts
Reality is catching up with me
Taking my inner-child, I’m fighting for custody
With these responsibilities that they entrust in me
As I look down at my dying man that they crushed to piece
Thinking no one man should have all that power
The clock’s ticking, I just count the hours
Stop tripping, not tripping off the powder
‘Til then, fuck that, the world’s ours

Cold powers
Austin Powers
Lost in translation with a whole fucking nation
They say I was the abomination of Obama’s nation
Well that’s a really bad way to start the conversation
At the end of the day, Goddamnit I’m killing this shit
I know damn well y’all feeling this shit
I don’t need your pussy, bitch, I’m on my own dick
I ain’t got a power chick, who you going home with?
How ‘Ye doing? I’m survivin’
I was drinking earlier, now I’m driving
With a bad bitch, huh, where ya hiding?
I got the power to make your life so exciting

Now this would be a beautiful death
(Dwele: I’m jumping out the window, I’m letting everything go
Letting everything go)
Now this would be a beautiful death
(I’m jumping out the window, I’m letting everything go)
Now this would be a beautiful death
(Jumping out the window, letting everything go
Letting everything go)

You got the power to let power go?


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  • FSD Police LT.

    Finally something good from a chicago rapper besides Mikkey

  • DJ Alias

    Insane! Very dope!

  • LFTFL.com

    I like this …props to the fakeshoredrive.com crew for finding this.

  • Melissa

    YAAAAY! : D

    Go FSD!

    Go KanYe!

  • CHoNG

    About as perfect as it gets

  • DR. HUFF


  • PSA



    THIS SHIT HOT (no stan)

  • Ja$e

    Drake couldn’t handle this beat

  • ChampagneShawti

    Yessssssss.. I have been fiendin 4 this for a long time.. Thx for the crackmusic fix Ye… OMG… Made my day and weekend!!

  • the fsd hater

    i can’t even hate on this shit

  • FSD Police

    sounds like love lockdown. and not in a good way. Honest. #thankyoucomeagain FSDPD

  • FSD Police

    @fsd police lt: you stoopid as hell for thinking this comes anywhere near mikkey, andrew son. not even close. ye didn’t want this shit out. unless he’s still heartbroken…
    #honest FSDPD

  • Andrew

    Uh, what, FSDPD?

    *blank stare*

  • Mc fuck u

    most people that come on this site are nasty losers who just got wind to the internet. you can tell from there amateur blogs and and vlog footage in there nasty section 8 houses

  • Rize and Shine ent/ssr

    check out our website http://www.rizenshineentertainment.info/ & support Tony 2 Tyme Hata Blockas on BET’s THE DEAL and ON BLAST. I keep tryna post this but obviously somebody keeps erasing it. HATAS. Support the city and check our website out

  • Prolyfic








  • Emily

    This song is dope as hell. I remember Andrew said that Fest and Really Doe and others were back in Hawaii working with Kanye earlier this year. On S1 site (www.symbolycone.com) it said that Fest introduced S1 to Ye. This song sounds like Fest on that 4,3,2,1 joint. Lyrically nobody can fuck with Fest. His new album drops June 8 and S1 produced like 4 joints. Definitely no coincidence.

  • DJ Alias

    Quick ? If GLC, Really Doe & Rhymefest are always working with Kanye? Then why is his shit dope and their shit is wack? Anybody?

  • FSD C.I.A

    This is great, but if you download this link you will be tracked down.

    FSD C.I.A

  • A.J. Crew

    I’m SOOOOOOOOO curious as to what Kanye is going to do for the video for this… #crazyyy.

  • Covelli

    its OK not really that great. the beat is soft really. if people are excited over this then when they actually come out with something serious they might have a heart attack. For beats go to http://www.BNCovelli.com – Covelli

  • tazb

    is it me or this sounds maaaaaaaaaad mased out

  • smh

    This is great, but if you download this link you will be tracked down.

    FSD C.I.A

    Come and geeeeeeeetttt meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! haha.

  • TruthW/Logic

    the beat is the sickest part of this track

  • wood

    hearing “power” is like some broad telling you they gonna give you the pussy and then they give you an actual cat

  • Anonymous

    wow this blog really went to shit. this guy kept this new kanye song up on top all day. to top it off it’s the best song posted on here in months and only 26 comments????? and mostly all from the same person WTF Fake Shore, time to close shop? I see this whack blog all over flyers, but for what? more crickets . a year ago this would have had almost 100 commnets

  • Hunnid

    shit gabbich sound amateur and bars sound old as hell, beat nice bout it

  • Esoteric

    pretty dope track…make me wanna hear more

  • Griffen312

    sounds like rhymefest wrote this one too….

  • PSA

    The FSD hate is ridiculous these days… Funny as hell… Stupid trolls. How is your website doing? What is your page rank? FSD just dropped a new KANYE WEST joint as a first leak and you complain? SRSLY? You are just mad Barber has the connects to actually do this… The anon haters are scared to talk anymore because they think they have to enter an email address and may get found out… It woul be nicer if more Chicago artist actually stepped up and made music… But with the economy these days it seems a lot of funding money dropped cRAPpy acts. If people actually released any quality music these days maybe if would draw more comments and views (i.e. Skooda Chose – Polo Rugby.) Personally I wish Barber would start covering more culture posts (e.g. Banksey works in Chicago) or other genre variations from hip hop/rap.

  • pocket science

    No lies, No jokes…. this is the best I’ve heard from Kanye!!
    In a while I was pleased and I’ll out rap almost anybody
    on my worst day!!! Real talk.. .


    Heya i’m for the primary time here. I came across this board
    and I to find It truly useful & it helped me out much.
    I hope to present one thing back and help others like you helped me.

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