Mixtape: Jordan Looney & DJ Navarris Present: Nerd-Hop Volume 3

FSD Staff
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  • paul

    dope dope dope

  • JaMarcus Russell

    Since I have no job, this is all I will be listening to for the next month. It’s mad dope.

  • supa dupa

    where did this kid come from?!

  • clide smith

    this kid is going to be going places

  • kevin boyd

    wow most ppl on this site are usually whack

  • Tay Kinyo-Chick

    This might be the dopest shit I have ever heard. I saw him once. He was rockin out with his band, it was insane. Brought down the place.

  • Hip Hop Head

    this is the realest every track goes hard

  • ya ya!!

    im sure this dude made all the comments himself all these new rappers do. “OH WHAT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR” “THIS GUY IS GOING PLACES” “THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE HERD ON THIS SITE” LOL all that shit sounds one in the same

  • Stop Fake’n

    Thats def the same guy leave’n those comments…LOL

  • Jordan Looney

    I wish I was that conceded fellas, but alas I just have fans.



  • black

    i think it is him cause i downloaded and was disappointed like what r they thinkin smh

  • INspire

    As we all know haters will hate…let’s see ya’ll chumps lace a track together. He’s holding it down for the Midwest bringing a different style into the game. SO SHUT CHO MOUTH.

  • hip hop head

    LMAO “all these new rappers do”…Do they all make good music? stupid, i bet yall are gonna be the biggest fans when he blows, hatin for no reason,

  • Jak White

    “Biggest fans when he blows”….who even talks like that…LOL
    Its just ok at best

  • Max

    From knowing Jordan, I can assure you he is not sitting on his computer thinking of new and exciting names to come up with to make new comments. This tape is dope, keep it up.

  • B

    Haters = motivation. You’re only feeding the fire lil’ guys.

  • ya ya!!

    nigga you’s a faggot ass lame jo. don’t try to act. you have no fans stop feeling yourself fucking no name ass rappers got ego’s. your a fucking NOBODY!! JORDAN.

  • jordan looney

    This mans really angry, ^^^^ Regardless of my “nobody” status (I’m not famous by any means so I would partially agree) but did you give the tape a listen? Love to know what you think about it.

  • ya ya!!

    good 2 see your off your hi horse FAG

  • Max

    Excuse me, “ya ya!!”

    You are not literate.

  • ya ya!!

    ^^^^^^jordan looney posting under a new name!!! get over yourself fruit cake.

  • Max

    No this is Max, you can click through to my Blog.

  • ya ya!!

    ^^^sure Jordan i’ll check your blog

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