The Cool Kids – Fishing Lessons

Andrew Barber

The Cool Kids + LA Leakers mixtape Tacklebox drops tomorrow (Memorial Day) at 8pm sharp.   The project features brand new material, freestyles and joints that have yet to see the light of day.  This mix should be more than enough to feed your appetite until their legal drama with Chocolate Industries is over and they can release a proper album.

They bust the stupid dope moves on this sinister banger from Chuck Ingles.  So sit back as the Kids teach you how to fish.

Spinning reels are a helpful tool that every avid fisher should have in their arsenal. These are so popular among fishers of all skill levels because they are very lightweight, intuitive, and easy to use. However, not all spinning reels are created equal. Since this type of reel is such a crucial part of the fishing process, it’s important to find the best spinning reel on the market. Click here if you want to know more about the How to catch walleye fishing from shore.

For those of us who prefer spin fishing over other types of fishing, our spinning reels are of great importance to us. It’s always a good idea to not only make sure that your spinning reel is working properly, but also to make sure that you’re employing the proper size spinning reel for the type of fish that you’re fishing for. All too many times I’ve seen anglers using fishing equipment (including spinning reels) that are much too large for the fish they’re attempting to catch. This can cost the average angler bites and fish, which is not a good thing.

When it comes to go deep inside river or sea for the fishing then boat shoul have motors like  which is a very good sign for the Speed, Steering, Performance, Durability.

Whenever a spinning reel is purchased, on the packaging it says what weight it is: ultra light, light, medium, or heavy. You want the weight of the reel to match the weight of the rod, and you want the weight to match the type and size of fish that your fishing for. For example, if you’re fishing for trout in small rivers and streams, you want to use an ultra light spinning reel and rod. Light action would be the heaviest in trout fishing situations such as these. This is also a great reason to not buy combination sets with the rod and spinning reel sold together. In most cases these combination sets arte made with very cheap rods and spinning reels. It’s better to purchase the two separately, so that you can get the feel and balance that you desire.

The construction of spinning reel is very important to your fishing success. It’s important to choose a reel that is durably constructed so you’ll be able to get years of use out of it. To test the construction of the reel, look at how the parts are assembled. Everything should feel solid, with no flimsy parts, and the materials should feel heavy duty. When the reel is in motion, the action should feel smooth and comfortable.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”The Cool Kids – Fishing Lessons” dl=””]

Hit the jump for another leak off the project entitled “Freak City” and an interview they did with IllRoots discussing Tacklebox.

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[wpaudio url=”″ text=”The Cool Kids – Freak City” dl=””]



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    I’ll be honest, I really didn’t care for Freak City. I do like this record. I hope the rest of the mixtape sounds like this.

  • brandon

    ok fishing lessons is nuts!!

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    8 sharp?

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