Vic Spencer & Sulaiman – State of the Union Freestyle

FSD Staff


Last night  I was at Vic Spencer’s crib as he and Suli recorded this track for free distribution.  They just wanted to remind everyone that they were still hard at work on their We’re Just Disappointed project and that it will be ready soon.  The two have been recording at an alarming rate and the output keeps getting better, make sure to get this proeject when it drops.

Download @ The Disappointed Bandcamp

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Vic Spencer & Sulaiman – State of the Union Freestyle”]


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  • Andrew

    This shit is straight fires….

  • FSD Police

    I’m just dissapointed.

    planned professional mix>>>>>>>spontaneous last-minute basement mix made last night

    #justsayin’. FSDPD

  • A.J. Crew

    Don’t you love how, even though there’s no anonymous commenters, there’s still bitchassness coming from people like the FSD Police? #wedon’tbelieveyou, #youneedmoreppl

  • FSD Police 2


  • Scheme

    This shit is dope…from the beat choice to the lyrics.

  • FSD Police

    a. j. crew? really? are you dumb or just illiterate? listen to the audio and really REALLY read into my comment—nah, fuck it, you’re a bonehead dickryder, and you love these niggas so much that you can’t stop. so fuck your emotions, fuck your addiction, and choke on the two dicks you got down your throat right this minute, #hahahaha!

  • A.J. Crew

    i love the taste of smegma

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