Video: GemStones & MIC Discuss Hip-Hop Politricks

Andrew Barber

Ahhh, the never ending debate; Is hip-hop dead? Who is killing the industry? Is Gucci Mane to blame? Soulja Boy? These conversations tend to go on and on and never end with closure, but just folks pointing fingers. My opinion is always “hip-hop will live forever” as their is enough room in this industry for all types of different styles and sub-genres. Or is there? GemStones and MIC state their cases as the Next Level Kidz were there to film it.


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  • pocket science

    I agree w/ Gemstones! ppl. do turn to the radio more than internet
    & magazines to find whats new!!!! the thing is the Air time is so expensive
    Government is cracking down on real hip hop, point blank period.

    People will never be without radio either it will only be called, internet radio!
    Copy: this link to find new Chicago Hip Hop!!!

    Big ups! NLK

  • Chris


  • M.I,C

    Well i mean its no debate that HIP HOP WILL live forever….I think this was more geared towards upcoming artist such as myself understanding the overall climate and impact of music to even know where to insert themselves in the machine….knowing and understanding where artist fit I think is key for the up n coming execs….

  • referred to as not impressed.

    there’s lots of good radio music as well as bad radio music.. people will always listen to the radio more, but with this new age there’s a lot more people turning to the internet than before.

  • M.I,C

    Whoever thinks more people listen to Radio than internet has been living under a Rock….or jus completly mis informed….The Radio only covers over ground music…And this is reference to Am/FM now SAT radio is up and coming but even with the inclusion of SAT radio the internet is where people are looking for music. BET MTV, Radio thats shits old…Its an additive plus now to stamp the idea that ur big to the public…but 80% of the hip hop artist on the radio do not have a long term buzz nor fan base….The 10% that do are effectively choosing to market themselves more to the online crowd…(Like thats low Key Fac)t. If you know anyone that works @ radio you ask them what the program Director is saying and tell them to tell you the truth….They can tell you better than me. Radio used to be the whole fit now its jus a Jordan, you could either get the Jacket to match, or say fuck it snatch some laufs and do it up a whole diffrent way…its no longer imparative.

  • Real T@lk

    hey if DJ’s were paid well and didn’t have to get payola…better quality music (lyric-wise) would be on the radio. Nonetheless, if ur an artist u can just bitch and whine…keep makin quality music, choose your avenues wisely, and keep ur integrity.

    The difference between the midwest and the south is that:
    The South supports EVERYTHING(whether it’s wack or not) + strip clubs reign supreme down there(that’s the only place u can get a song discovered faster than any other; and i don’t know many great lyrical songs that strippers can dance to)

    The Midwest, on the other hand is filled with politics; u gotta be down with someone. There are a lot of artists that are dope on a “quiet as kept” level. Chicago is the only place where i’ve seen people stay until their person performs and leaves immediately after…smh but in the audience’s defense i wouldn’t wanna stay and see 1 million more rappers that i’ve NEVER heard before.

    As a result, if i was an A&R i would build and train my artist in the midwest, but market him in the South that way he faces the toughest bracket of emcees(Midwest) but still gets recognition and love(The South)


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