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  • Andrew

    Why is he having a total eclipse of the chest?

  • JSeyf

    Paypa is….


    or maybe the illuminati ( peep the pyramid by his right hand)

  • Jeff 109th

    Who gives a fuck what his thoughts are on the “other” Paypa. He don’t know homie so he better not say shit about him. In all actuality he (Mayhem) is the “Other” Paypa. Just look at all the moves the real paper is making. A mixtape with Drama and Khaled and a deal. He already on.

  • Felix

    The whole out west ride with the REAL Paypa so its nothin. Please PM don’t even respond. That other dude can buy his way to the top but real recognize real. All the guys that TRULY made it from the land paid there dues. This guy is….just another guy paying for verses. So Jeff, its cool. Keep talkin sideways on the blog. Whatever makes you feel better.

  • Eugene

    PAYPAMAN jack!

  • Dj Broadway Streetz

    We already 100% behind “P” Be on the lookout for new music that I have from him and some more good news. I don’t think we should worry about who is the real one. I think we should let the music tell the story.



    “well if it aint the elusive Leroy Green!!!” ha ha

  • To Felix

    You need to stop talking out the side of your neck. The real Paypa which is the one that is currently signed has not now or ever had to “buy” his way to the top you jealous homo. He got to the top by hard work and was blessed to get a great advance along the way. Drama and Khaled requested to work with him you clown. So do your research before you make random ass false statements on here. Go check his stats. He has worked with many of his label mates. This is the REAL PAYPA that the industry has known since he was a shorty so your paypa the fake one needs to be looking up a new name real quick

  • last dragon

    that boy got that glow! and i like the song. different but i like it

  • P.M Twan

    My Nigga The DeaL!!! MAYHEM

  • Zone3Sway

    Fuck outta here fake paypa.

  • Rico “TO FELIX SAYS”..>YOU NEED TO CHECK YO STATS!!! First of all PROJECT MAYHEM were putting it down WAAAAAAAY before your PAPER..So the real PAYPA is this one..Furthermore, if you did check yo would know that the “Chicago Reader” debut PAPER’s shit and in the article it was stated that people really had not heard of this “paper” until he dropped Tunnel Vision..Bottom line you are out the loop and obviously have been for a while…ANY side of town knows Project Mayhem’s paypa is the REAL PAYPA…The dude got both Southside and Westside on lock…A very VERY RARE feat in the rap game especially coming from such a musically segregated city were all sides of town hate on each other…Go to any boutique in the city and they are bumping PAYPA’s shit…Shout out to PHLI and “G” up there cause he always supporting my dude Paypa..YOU..YOU JUST A RUDY POO..DOING THE GIRL HULA HOOPS…just a quote from the REAL PAYPA!!!

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