Video: Vic Mensa – Follow Me

Andrew Barber

One shot.  One take.   One verse.

Directed by Davy Greenberg


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  • JStyles

    ight ight ight…Drew do any contacts for this guy?! i need to get him some beats asap, this kid is gonna be huge in 2011 i already know it and see it.

  • harold jacky

    another drake clone. chicago niggas are too much consumers based FUCK OUTTA HERE BOY

  • Los 51st and state

    I can see the Drake similarities. He young tho. Plenty of time to grow. We pray.

  • Vic Mensa

    Seriously, you niggas are DEAF. Do you even listen to what niggas are saying? Or do you just hear a voice and draw your bullshit comparisons right then and there? fuck outta here with that goofy shit

  • Los 51st and state

    Are you commenting on your own shit?!? You just made it clear you are 100% raw uncut bitch.

  • JStyles

    Vic please send me your info, i have beats that i need you to kill, hit me at…i got you fam, forget what anyone is saying, you’re talented PERIOD.

  • DG

    I’m still confused why consumer rap is a negative thing? You ain’t trying to make bread or something?

  • Vic Mensa

    Aight bet, talk tough on the internet if you want to. You know my face, say something if you see me.

  • harold jacky

    say something? you a fucking clown talking greazy on the net. if u don’t want people to have a opinion about your trash ass raps then don’t fucking put em out stupid ass. lil sensitive ass nigga. and @DG i said chicago are consumer rappers cause they bite other people shit cause this is a consumer city. people out here scared to identify with themselves. chicago has enough sub culture to personify this region. but niggas out here rap dress and act like they from the south, la or ny. once again Vic if u don’t want niggas 2 form a opinion on your shit don’t put it out. everybody ain’t gonna like yo shit fuck nigga make better music don’t sit here and try to convince me by arguing with me lil nigga.

  • WGE

    Donny G + Big Trev – Stoned….30,000 playz on ………Chicago Letz Go

  • A.J. Crew

    I don’t know what ya’ll talking about. Vic Mensa does NOT sound like Drake. There are Drake clones out there, don’t get me wrong. But the way Mensa was rapping was nowhere even near comparison. Good shit, Vic.

  • Victor

    @AJ. He sounds like Drake to a lot of us and chances are if we think so then there are many consumers that would agree. Vic is cool but he needs to be a little more original.

  • Chicago Is For Haters

    Man that don’t sound like Drake at all. That’s more like a battle rhyme cadence, like with no punctuations and shit. But on a smooth tip like you’re battling a bitch you wanna fuck later on. Sounds like Freeway in his prime battling Cassidy. It’s aight.

  • harold jacky

    “like you’re battling a bitch you wanna fuck later on” that most defiantly was the stupidest shit i ever herd. old lame ass explanation 4 my flow having ass. fuck yo explanation. hey vic mensa stop posting under bogus names fag!! we know thats you lol

  • TJ Jr.



    Okay, yall are tripping!!! First of all, Chicago has originality, but it lives and breathes in the its subcultures, which are plentiful. For example, the skinny jeans black “hipsters” shit started right here under yall noses and now the mainstream is just catching on and biting super hard!!! As a matter of fact, Drake use to open up for the Cool Kids…. And before you say Vic Mensa sounds like Drake, remember, Drake and Wayne are taking swag cadence from the one and only, Chicago’s own, Kanye West. I am talking everything from rap styles to dress codes and performance.. Also, remember, Kanye comes from chicago’s subculture backpacking, fashion scene.. Or atleast he adopted it and made it his own. As a side note, this dude is flat out the truth… Yall dudes so blind and self- loathing, you can even recognize that it is not Vic biting Drake or Wayne, it is they and the industry biting Chicago!!! It is cool to be honest again. It is cool to be associated with pure hip-hop. It is cool to be original and have eclectic taste . THE INDUSTRY ATTEMPTING TO DUPLICATE CHICAGO’S SUBCULTURE, i.e., Kanye, Lupe, Common, Cool Kids, Kid Sister, Million$Mano, and etc. And it doesn’t stop there, even our fashion aesthetics have taken form in the industry via Chicago’s favorite boutiques i.e., St, Alfred, Phli, Leaders, Fashion Geek, Sir and Madame, Rsvp, Jugrnaut etc..

  • Mane

    Either way this kid sounds like Drake and the world and industry doesn’t care where Drake got his style from originally because he already has the numbers backing him. So when and if Vic gets a chance to shine they are going to compare him to Drake and the industry doesn’t want 2 of the same artist. Like it or not Vic is going to have to reinvent himself

  • martian_mandi

    the dude makes good music

  • @DavyGreenberg

    Vic has to reinvent himself because he may or may not sound similar to drake?

    that makes so little sense.


    Vic Is A Problem Niggas Cant See That They Blind & Im Glad He From The Chi Cuz Niggas Aint Ready -Real Chi Shit- & Still Cant Believe How Old He Is -Monster-

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